Hedge Fund Elliott Management Backs Patent Lawsuit Against Quibi

The activist investor Elliott Management is financing a patent infringement and theft of trade secrets lawsuit against Quibi, a source familiar with the matter confirms.

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7 hours ago

The Real Costs Of Movie Delays In Media Merchandising

The delay of Hollywood films has disrupted not just the flow of screen content, but also the whole system of media licensing that extends these franchises into retail and merchandising economies. While fans wait six more months (or more) to see the film, the merchandise is ready now.
8 hours ago

Critical Role Pushed To New Path For Its Pandemic Programming

Even companies seemingly well positioned to thrive amid the pandemic have seen their business models turned upside down. Thus with Critical Role, the game-focused streaming-video company. They've had to build a whole new slate of pandemic-friendly shows to take care of their paying subscribers.