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I'm a senior writer at Forbes covering tech companies. I'm also the co-author of WONDER BOY: Tony Hsieh, Zappos and the Myth of Happiness in Silicon Valley, published by Henry Holt & Company. Contact me on Twitter at @davidjeans2 or email me at djeans@forbes.com. You can also

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64,907 viewsNov 9, 2023

Inside Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s $1 Billion Philanthropic Mess

After the sudden departure of its CEO, Schmidt Futures is spinning out and sunsetting a dozen programs, including its prestigious partnership with the White House.

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21,231 viewsOct 30, 2023

Biden’s New Executive Order Will Regulate AI Models That Could Threaten National Security

Tech companies are largely applauding the new regulation, which seeks to govern how the federal government will use AI and establish guidelines for companies building new models.

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3,077 viewsOct 25, 2023

Goldman Sachs-Backed Slync Is Shutting Down — Months After Its Founder Was Arrested On Fraud Charges

The move comes months after its former CEO Chris Kirchner was indicted on fraud charges.

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372,952 viewsOct 23, 2023

Former Google CEO Launched A $100 Million Company With His Girlfriend. It’s Not Going Well

Married billionaire Eric Schmidt launched a startup with 29-year-old entrepreneur Michelle Ritter while they were dating, blurring his professional and personal life.

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12,500 viewsAug 28, 2023

AI Startup Intenseye Raising Funding From Lightspeed At $300 Million Valuation

Workplace AI software startup Intenseye will triple its valuation in the $65 million Series B funding round, multiple sources told Forbes.