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As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to shine a light on the importance of our food systems, we've transformed the AgTech+ Summit into an interactive event—convening our community to address urgent challenges facing the global food system. This fall, three teams of Under 30 listers will gather virtually during three hackathons to brainstorm solutions across technology, agriculture, health and more.

Below, explore the weekly topics, meet participants and browse team highlights.

The pandemic revealed significant fragility in our food and agriculture supply chain, but creative solutions are in the works. Technology such as blockchain, sensors, drones, AI, predictive analytics and more are transforming how farms operate and how the supply chain reacts. What emerging innovations can stabilize the system and ensure that excesses are redirected to underserved areas?

When livestock is healthier and stronger, the meat is more nutritious, too. That’s just one way the global meat supply has a direct impact on human health and society’s surrounding environment. What can be done to make sure that nutrition, animal welfare and climate are at the core of future investment?

Taste and nutrition are intertwined, but most row crops grown in America today are agricultural commodities like wheat and corn which contribute to the global obesity crisis. How does a healthy, nutritious diet start on the farm – what practices are best and how should it be transported to customers?