Measure the impact your app has on your business.

No matter what kind of business you have, app measurement in Google Analytics and Google Analytics 360 will help you achieve your goals and set yourself up for success.

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Mike McCarthy

Senior Brand & Community
Manager, Certain Affinity

“Insights from Google Analytics for mobile apps resulted in a 39% increase in store traffic and a more than 5x increase in game tutorial completion.”
Mike McCarthy, Senior Brand & Community Manager, Certain Affinity


Measure what matters.

App measurement in Google Analytics helps you measure your app’s full value and the impact it has on your business. Google Analytics works with Firebase Analytics – the core of Google's platform for mobile developers – to supercharge your business insights.

  • Insightful

    Understand the value of your audience.

    Different groups of users naturally create varying degrees of value for your business. The more you understand your users’ behavior in your app and across the web, the better you can tailor your engagement with them. Google Analytics provides rich in-app behavioral analytics with segmentation tools to help unlock insights about your audiences and drive increased user lifetime value.

  • Actionable

    Get more engagement through optimization.

    Intuitive reporting shows what types of users engage with your app and how they behave. See the screens, events, and other moments where users take action, pause, or disappear. Use cohort retention reporting to understand user loyalty then optimize your content to keep them coming back for more.

  • Impactful

    Measure the impact of your marketing programs.

    Want to grow your user base? Start by better understanding your marketing channels. Then use lifetime value analysis to see which acquisition channels bring highly engaged users that you’re able to retain over time. Once you know where to invest, you can tailor your acquisition strategies to maximize value.

  • Intelligent

    Build better apps from start to finish.

    With Firebase, Google's platform for mobile developers, it’s easier than ever for developers to build apps using Google services — and Analytics is at its core. Firebase Analytics reporting is integrated into Google Analytics so you can explore rich in-app analytics along with web and marketing analytics all in a single place.

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Simple implementation with Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager works with Firebase – Google's platform for mobile developers – and lets you send your Firebase Analytics data anywhere you want. If you’re using Firebase Analytics already but prefer to send your data to Google Analytics directly, then you’re good to go with no additional tagging. Simply add Google Tag Manager to your app and use its intuitive web interface to curate your app data for easy analysis within Google Analytics.

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Success Stories

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Certain Affinity

Game developer Certain Affinity uses the Google Analytics SDK, leveraging custom dimensions to provide analytics for retention, virality, and monetization.

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TiVo improves their mobile app experience by deploying the Google Analytics Mobile SDKs.

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TV App Agency

Google Analytics helps TV App Agency efficiently produce high-quality data for their connected TV clients.

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