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Leadfeeder connects to your Google Analytics and shows you which companies visit your website and what they do there.

Leadfeeder helps companies to know more about their website visitors and use this information to convert promising visitors to sales leads. Leadfeeder uses your Google Analytics data and identifies visits from corporate networks and shows you that exact information.


- Visitor Flow: see companies visiting your website, with internet operators (ISPs) and home users filtered out.

- Page Flow: see detailed page-by-page visit routes.

- Team collaboration: you can assign and follow interesting leads, post your comments for the rest of your team and use our tagging feature to organize your leads.

- Powerful filtering and custom feeds: Not all visitors are potential sales leads. With Leadfeeder filtering you can define what kind of behaviour makes a good lead and see only the ones relevant to your sales.

- Customisable notifications: combine our filtering features with email notifications and get your best leads delivered right to your inbox.

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Comments (66)

Excellent and very helpful
- Akis - July 4, 2016
Totally recommended.
I like Leadfeeder
- jocke - July 1, 2016
I like Leadfeeder and very easy to use for sales!
Great tool
- Emuse.co.il - June 23, 2016
This is the tool I always wanted. Gives you info regarding who was looking at your website, what they were looking at, and for how long. Very user friendly!
Fantastic tool
- info@provendio.com - May 31, 2016
We are in the final days of our premium trial, although for our company the price can represent a huge effort, we are really on the balance between signing up to the full version, we trialed similar apps and this one over delivers for the price point...3 days left on our trial... I will probably end up paying from my own pocket in order to use this fantastic tool
Love this prospecting tool! - Thx Leadfeeder
- christian@shapeshifting.se - May 31, 2016
Extremely easy to use and generates valuable data to both our company and to our B2B clients using Leadfeeder! Thank you for a great lead generation tool. Best, Shapeshifting Media
Saves time and gives results
- Timo Kaura - May 30, 2016
Leadfeeder automates on-line prospecting process and as a first tool gives easy to read information about website visitors. Integrations to CRM and LinkedIn are nice additions.
Great sales tool
- dina.myllymaki - May 30, 2016
Great tool for us to discover which companies expressed their interest in what we do. Extremely easy to use.
Great for website monitoring
- Niilo Ågren - May 24, 2016
It is extremely easy to use get started with Leadfeeder! Also the platform is very user friendly. I will highly recommend leadfeeder for their data that it provides and also their supportive and friendly customer service!
Great tool for sales!
- johannes.rundgren@cision.com - May 19, 2016
Have been using Leadfeeder now for several weeks and I am impressed. Very easy to adopt and gives very useful info from page visitors. Strongly recommended!
Great service
- Kirill - May 19, 2016
Tried several different services. While other services tried pushing me through their sales to get subscribed, now, for full year. Yes, you can pay monthly, a higher fee. But the contract will be for the full year. Minimum six months. Leadfeeder just left me on the demo and allowed to see that people who come to our website are the ones we look for. And we can step up and sign for their service to discover more. Flexible, smart, useful.