GAget for Mac OS X

Zoltán Hosszú - Aug 13, 2011 - (6)
Get a quick look at your Google Analytics™ stats. GAget for Mac is the quickest way to view your Analytics data on the OS X Dashboard.


Navegg - May 30, 2012 - (3)
With Navegg´s audience targeting solution you can have your website’s audience segmented into 9 smart criteria, such as demographic data, interests, purchase intent and target each visitor with the best offers or content.


BringShare, Inc. - Apr 03, 2013 - (3)
BringShare streamlines agency reporting by automatically merging Google Analytics data with other data sources to create white label reports for SEO, Paid Search, Social Media and Email Marketing in a single click. Report on channel performance individually or in comparison to one another.

GAget for iPhone

Zoltán Hosszú - Oct 24, 2013 - (3)
Touch the beautiful stats of your website. GAget is the best app to get a quick overview of your Google Analytics data on your iPhone.


PadiCode - Aug 04, 2010 - (4)
Retroactive Conversion Funnels, eCommerce Reports with a focus on profit and ROI, Landing Pages Reports that are easy to grasp and act on. Reports that help you find key business insights hidden within your analytics data with only a few clicks and with our easy to use segmentation options.

Phone Call Event Analytics Integration by Callcap

Callcap - Jul 07, 2010 - (2)
Your Callcap-powered phone number connects website visitors to phone callers and now you can see these offline conversions inside Analytics as a Phone Call event. See your true conversion rate - online and offline.


Shopify - May 16, 2012 - (2)
Shopify provides you an ecommerce website, an easy to use administration area, and secure hosting - everything you need to sell your products online. 100,000+ shops in 150 countries use Shopify to power their stores. We host small mom-and-pop shops, big brands like Google, and everyone in between.
Categories: Ecommerce

Supermetrics Uploader

Supermetrics - Oct 21, 2012 - (2)
Set up an automatic daily cost data upload from Facebook Ads or Bing Ads into Google Analytics, or upload CSV files from any data source. You can then see the cost and ROI of all your advertising campaigns in GA.

Process Returns In Google Analytics™

PowerMyAnalytics - Nov 08, 2013 - (2)
Process Returns is our free service that enables you to look up an ecommerce transaction in your Google Analytics™ account and cancel it out. You can quickly process returns in our easy-to-use interface and receive email notifications of the returns being processed and completed.