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Survive a Career Pivot

Thinking about changing careers? Learn five key strategies that address the biggest challenges faced in career transitions and that will help position you for success.

Stanford GSB alumna Michelle Landrey Cline (MBA ’98) interviews career pivoting expert Jody Greenstone Miller, founder and CEO of Business Talent Group, about how individuals can successfully navigate career transitions in an environment where climbing the corporate ladder is no longer the only path to success.

Gain new insights by viewing the full-length video, or get targeted advice about individual aspects of a career pivot in the segments below.

Know What You Want and Ask for It
byStanford Graduate School of Business
Learn the foundation of a successful career pivot — having a clear career goal that matches your life cycle and communicating it to your network.
Build Your Knowledge Base
byStanford Graduate School of Business
Get tips on conducting an inventory of your professional skills; determine where you may have gaps; and build your knowledge base.
Leverage Your Strengths
byStanford Graduate School of Business
Learn how to leverage your strengths for a successful transition by imagining how they can be applied in a new environment.
Market Your Skills
byStanford Graduate School of Business
Get tips on marketing your skills and how to help people understand why you’re a credible and compelling candidate.
Avoid Common Mistakes
byStanford Graduate School of Business
Learn how to avoid common mistakes and position yourself for a successful career transition.