Develop Your Talent
Our programs advance insightful leaders who drive results at the highest levels of global management.
Design Results-Driven Learning Solutions
Partner with our faculty to design a program that targets the challenges and opportunities of your organization.
Maintain Your Competitive Edge
Give your executives access to the latest in management research.

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Programs for Organizations

Leading companies and organizations around the world engage Stanford GSB to help transform individual leaders and their enterprises.

Work with our team to create a custom program curriculum that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities of your organization. You can also explore opportunities for an individual executive or a small team.

Custom Programs

Partner with Stanford GSB to create powerful learning solutions, designed from the ground up, to help your leaders tackle strategic challenges and make a positive impact on your organization. Explore our approach and development process.

Design thinking workshop.
Small-Team Programs

Learn about Executive Education programs that work well for small teams. Learning together, teams can collaborate more deeply, communicate more effectively, and return to work with a shared knowledge base, mission, and mindset.