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Catalyst — Online Programs for Executive Teams

What are the most pressing issues for organizations today? How can leadership teams gain the skills and strategies they need to make a real-time impact?

In these unprecedented times, Stanford GSB faculty took on the challenge to develop programs that help organizations tackle some of today’s most mission-critical issues. The ultimate goal: to help leaders solve their business challenges in real-time, guided by faculty, and in collaboration with their teams. With an intensive yet comprehensive curriculum and a live online experience, these programs bring the best of Stanford GSB to your organization. Now. When it’s needed most.

Ready to Transform?

  • Discover cutting-edge research, innovative frameworks, and real-world solutions for today’s pressing issues with Stanford GSB faculty
  • Workshop new ideas and solutions to business challenges 
  • Learn and collaborate with peers from your organization for more immediate buy-in and results

Ready to Engage?

Explore our Diversity & Inclusion and Strategic Transformation programs. Then contact our client services team so we can work with you to understand your organization’s needs and promptly offer these essential programs to your executive teams.