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How do you become a strategic financial leader? How do you stay current on emerging techniques and trends? And how can you secure a key seat at the table?

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The Innovative Health Care Leader: From Design Thinking to Personal Leadership
Experience the best of the Stanford GSB and School of Medicine in this groundbreaking program focused on thriving in the rapidly changing world of health care.
LGBT Executive Leadership Program
Explore how being LGBT influences and strengthens your personal leadership style in this unique program.
Strategy Beyond Markets: Building Competitive Advantage Through Government Relations and Public Affairs
Develop a more holistic business strategy to compete in today’s complex, high-stakes business environment. Explore beyond market forces—from legislation and regulation to activism and the media.
Innovative Technology Leader
Create a culture of innovation and develop strategic leadership skills to help move your organization forward.
Stanford LEAD Certificate: Corporate Innovation
Drive new ventures in your established organization with this program, preparing you to innovate from within. Gain the business skills needed to formulate an idea, evaluate, and launch it, and tackle a real business challenge through a hands-on project.
Mergers and Acquisitions
Presents an interdisciplinary overview of the strategic, financial, legal, organizational, and cultural factors associated with the design, execution, and integration of M&A transactions.
The Emerging CFO: Strategic Financial Leadership Program
Provides current and emerging senior finance executives with tools to make better strategic financial decisions, see the bigger picture, become more effective leaders, and build strategic partnerships with key stakeholders.

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Academic Directors Frank Flynn and Jesper Sørensen leverage Critical Analytical Thinking to teach this three-week intensive course for high-potential emerging leaders, challenging each participant to think broadly about their entire enterprise and providing them with instrumental training and development earlier in their career.