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Infineon Raceway (Sears Point Raceway): Marketing in the Motor Sports World

Infineon Raceway (Sears Point Raceway): Marketing in the Motor Sports World

George Foster, David Hoyt, Norm O'Reilly
2010|Case No.SPM41

This case describes the history, operations, and economics of Infineon Raceway (Sears Point Raceway) in Sonoma, California, and the challenges facing the racetrack as a result of the economic recession of 2008-9. The racetrack’s most important race is a NASCAR Sprint Cup event. It also hosts IndyCar, NHRA drag races, and other events.

Speedway Motorsports Inc. purchased the track in 1996, and made substantial a capital investment to improve the spectator experience. The track is heavily dependent, financially, on corporate sponsorship. Its naming rights agreement with Infineon Technologies was expiring in 2012, and many of its other corporate sponsors were cutting back or ending their sponsorships due to economic stress. The case describes the advantages of corporate sponsorship, and the ways in which a company can utilized sponsorship to build its brand, reward and motivate employees, drive retail traffic to stores and distributors, and entertain customers.

The case includes a 10 page appendix with background information of the basic types of motor racing and descriptions of major racetracks in California

This material is available for download by current Stanford GSB students, faculty and staff as well as Stanford University Alumni. For inquires, contact the Case Writing Office.