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F. Victor Stanton

F. Victor Stanton
Lecturer, Accounting
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Lecturer in Accounting
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Vic Stanton has been the Chief Financial Officer for start-up, high tech and retail companies. He also has extensive consulting experience in turnaround and start up companies. This allows him to bring in current and real world situations to the classroom. He focuses on using analyzing financial statements for decision making used by outside financing sources such as venture capital, investment banking, and lending institutions. Emphasis is also place on the current ethics required for companies.


Vic Stanton has been teaching at Stanford for six years. He has also taught at other major Universities for over 15 years. His areas of expertise are Cost Accounting, Financial Statement Analysis and Financial Accounting. He also has consulted for major corporations and provided support for major law firms. Mr. Stanton gives seminars and courses to executives of major companies and CPA firms. He has been a Chief Financial Officer for firms that have been in manufacturing of tech equipment, retail, and publishing. He has worked extensively with the financial community. In addition, he was with one of the four major international CPA firms.

Mr. Stanton holds a CPA and a CMA license in addition to having undergraduate and master’s degrees in accounting and finance. He has been an advisor and reviewer of several accounting textbooks in the areas that he teaches. Publishers and authors seek his advice for content and material. He has been a committee member of the California State Board of Accountancy.