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From the Dean of Admissions

Thank you for your interest in the Master of Business Administration Program at Stanford Graduate School of Business.

We recognize that the task of applying to business school may seem quite daunting. Before you begin the application process, we would like to offer you some advice, as well as some encouragement.

First comes the advice:

Our website is designed to answer questions and to help you make your application an effective one. It contains Stanford GSB practices, expectations and assumptions guiding the evaluation of applicants. Please read it thoroughly. Time spent understanding these will support your efforts to submit your best work.

Now for the encouragement:

We urge you to complete the Stanford application in a genuine manner. Too often applicants assume that the Committee on Admissions holds a rather narrow view of what constitutes an acceptable candidate, and then shape their applications accordingly.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Stanford’s selection process, however, is our belief that the demands and aims of the MBA Program can be met best through a broad range of backgrounds and aspirations.

Have confidence in what you have achieved. Be faithful to your passions. Trust in what you aspire to accomplish.

Approach the application process as a chance for structured reflection — a rare opportunity to explore your values, spark your enthusiasm, and envision your potential. If you do so, you will have the foundation for a strong application.

If you share our enthusiasm for the possibilities that await you at Stanford, we look forward to hearing from you.

Derrick Bolton, MBA/MA Education 1998
Assistant Dean for MBA Admissions

Last Updated 7 Aug 2015