Non-Allowable Budget Adjustments

The Stanford GSB Financial Aid Office cannot factor in the following costs when determining your financial aid package.

Consumer Debt

Federal regulations specifically state that we cannot include consumer debt (i.e., credit cards, consumer loans, and car loans) in your budget. Therefore, we are unable to increase your cost of attendance — or decrease the value of your assets — to demonstrate additional financial aid eligibility to assist you in making payments for such debt. We strongly encourage you to repay your consumer debt before you come to Stanford.

Non-Deferrable Education Loans

Though most U.S. government educational loans have deferment options for students enrolled at Stanford GSB, some educational loans may not have this option. We do not consider these loans as debt against your assets. We encourage you to try to repay prior educational loans that cannot be deferred while attending Stanford GSB before entering the program.

Global Experience Requirement Expenses

Some programs that satisfy the Global Experience Requirement (GER) are allowable budget adjustments. However, options such as the Global Management Immersion Experience (GMIX) or self-directed global experiences are non-allowable budget adjustments.

Also, expenses incurred on additional global study trips that do not fulfill the GER are non-allowable budget adjustments. Some GMIX participants may receive Stanford GSB subsidies.

Extraneous Expenses

Since extraneous expenses, like Stanford club fees, are not part of the required curriculum, they are not included in the cost of attendance or considered for budget adjustments.

Last Updated 12 Jun 2018