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Clubs & Activities

Stanford GSB Student Activities Fair

Stanford GSB’s social scene is as diverse, fun, and interesting as its student body.

Develop your leadership skills within our robust MBA student government, or the more-than-70 student clubs and organizations. These groups sponsor a vibrant array of activities on campus and within the broader Bay Area. We have traditions that have endured for decades, as well as new events tailored to, and by, each class.

Adam Smith Society
The Adam Smith Society seeks to stimulate and promote discussion and debate of free market economics and policies with Stanford Graduate School of Business community and the broader Stanford community through large speaker events, smaller dinners, and lunches with guests, as well as social events.
Africa Business Club (ABC)
ABC's purpose is to raise awareness of African business and cultures; promote discussion of economic, political and social issues in Africa; encourage the school to seek more students from Africa; provide a platform for students interested in careers in Africa to meet with employers; and encourage development of case studies.
Arts, Media and Entertainment (AME)
AME strives to increase awareness in the arts, media and entertainment arenas through education and professional opportunities, network-building with alumni and industry representatives, and showcasing the creative talent and artistic diversity within the Stanford GSB community.
Asia Business Student Association (ABSA)
The ABSA aims to unite all Stanford GSB students who are from Asia, of Asian descent, and/or interested in Asia from a cultural or business perspective under a common organization. ABSA will promote social integration, rewire Asian stereotypes and bridge the communication gap between Asians and the broader class, and help students explore Asia-related career opportunities.
Basketball Club
The Basketball Club aims to enrich the student community at Stanford GSB by creating a positive basketball community — composed of a diverse group of students within Stanford GSB. In pursuit of these goals, the Basketball Club actively seeks to appeal to a broad range of Stanford GSB students; promote and coordinate basketball activities within Stanford GSB including: intramurals, tournaments, and ongoing basketball activities within Stanford GSB.
The Stanford GSB Big Ideas Club disseminates, discusses, and debates ideas that can transform our world. These may be 5 years away or 50, they may be unproven or inevitable, but all are united in their potential to change lives, industries, and institutions.
The purpose of BizKids is to provide Stanford GSB families with a friendly and supportive community. We strive to connect these families by offering fun and educational activities for kids and their parents to enjoy together.
BizPartners is a social organization formed to facilitate the transition to life at Stanford for the spouse, partner, or family member of a Stanford GSB student.
The BBSA serves as a support network for Black MBA, MSx, and PhD students. Membership is open to all Stanford GSB students interested in cultural and professional issues that affect African-Americans.
Catholic Student Association (CSA)
CSA is committed to fostering a spiritual element within Stanford GSB. We coordinate religious and social interaction amongst Stanford GSB Catholics, extending from weekly mass and prayer sessions, to BBQs, talks and other social events.
Center for Social Innovation Impact Labs
Each year up to five students serve as Impact Labs student leaders. Those students are selected by the Center for Social Innovation through an application process in spring.
C4C is a nonprofit organization that was founded in 1984 by a Stanford GSB student whose sister had Down's Syndrome. Its mission is to encourage philanthropic involvement and school unity through a competition of nine West Coast business schools, primarily to benefit Special Olympics as well as one other local charity for each school. The volunteering and fundraising efforts culminate at C4C Weekend, where the nine schools compete in a sports competition held each spring at Stanford.
Christians in Business (CIB)
CIB provides a forum for people interested in Christianity to discuss and debate religious issues and build community through social events and activities.
Class Gift Committee
The Class Gift Committee is responsible for the campaign to raise funds for the MBA class gift, in partnership with the Stanford GSB Development Office.
The MBA and MSx Communication Programs promotes communication excellence by providing coursework, coaching, and a breadth of resources to help students speak and write more effectively. In conjunction with the staff leadership team, the group helps to shape and define the program and its offerings.
Data Insights Club
The Data Insights Club is committed to raising awareness and developing a perspective on the emerging role of data and inference in society for Stanford GSB students. We try to foster and facilitate an interdisciplinary perspective that will help students understand the techniques used to create value today (and in the future) as well as understand the role of these techniques in shaping new management and decision practices.
Education Club
The Education Club brings together students from Stanford GSB and the Stanford Graduate School of Education to engage with leaders in the field, discuss current education issues (ranging from school reform to higher education), and connect through networking opportunities.
The Energy Club seeks to become the center for energy-related interactions at Stanford GSB by bringing together students, faculty members, and guests to explore issues impacting the oil and gas, wind energy, solar energy, fuel cell and power sectors, as well as energy security and the environment.
Entrepreneur Club (E-Club)
E-Club provides exposure to mentorship and networking opportunities with outside business owners and builds relationships between Stanford GSB and the entrepreneurial community in Silicon Valley.
Epicureans @ the GSB (E@T)
E@T is a club for people who are passionate about cooking and food! E@T members regularly enjoy themed small group dinners, cooking lessons from classmates and professionals, "behind the scenes" tours at local restaurants, and gourmet food tastings.
The Europe Club is the link between the business community of Europe and Stanford GSB students. It also represents an important social platform for the diverse European student body and others interested in European culture.
The F&I Club provides its members with a forum to explore and learn about various aspects of the financial world. A primary club activity is the management of a $150,000 portfolio that is part of the business school's endowment.
Food & Agribusiness Club
The Food & Agribusiness Club serves to advance the career and educational interests of the Stanford GSB community in topics related to food and agriculture. It also facilitates cross-disciplinary engagement on topics of agriculture with relevant Stanford clubs and academic departments.
GMIX Ambassadors are a conduit for communicating student views, suggestions, and constructive feedback. They help students understand the program by providing advice, answering common questions, and referring students to relevant resources.
The Global Speaker Series leadership team seeks to broaden the Stanford GSB community's global perspective by creating opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to hear from global leaders of change who are functioning in an increasingly interconnected world.
Golf Club
The Golf Club's mission is to provide its members with opportunities to learn one of the most critical and under appreciated business skills: the game of golf. The club sponsors instructional clinics and organizes various opportunities for its members to compete with one another.
Government and Politics Club
The club's mission is to provide a non-partisan forum to discuss government and political issues, bring government officials to campus as speakers, and offer opportunities to meet with government officials in California and elsewhere.
Greater China Business Club (GCBC)
GCBC is an exchange for Stanford GSB and non-Stanford GSB students who are interested in business in the Greater China region: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong. The club provides opportunities to connect with each other, share knowledge, learn, discover, and create opportunities.
GSB Band
The GSB Band's purpose is to present an opportunity for musically-inclined Stanford GSB students to perform; to provide ongoing entertainment in musical form; and to act, through creative expression, as social and political commentators on life at Stanford GSB.
GSB Gives Back
GSB Gives Back hosts the annual GSB Gives Back Charity Auction & Gala, the premiere charity event at Stanford GSB. The auction is the sole fundraiser for the GSB Challenge for Charity (C4C) chapter, with proceeds benefiting the Special Olympics, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and one non-profit organization selected by the student body.
GSB Pride
GSB Pride is a social and socially active organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered students at Stanford GSB. The goals are to provide a community for LGBT students; to serve as a resource for our membership and the Stanford GSB Community as a whole; and to increase awareness of LGBT issues in business.
GSB Show
The annual GSB show is a long-standing tradition at Stanford GSB. It is entirely student-written and student-run, consisting of videos, skits, and hilarious song and dance numbers, all designed to bring a bit of humor and wit to all.
Health Care Club
The Health Care Club (HCC) at Stanford GSB strives to provide co-curricular opportunities for Stanford GSB students looking to build their future career in health care. Through a host of networking events, speaker series, and social events we help foster a vibrant community of health care-minded peers. In 2013-14, the HCC had 80 dues paying members, as well as 56 Stanford GSB alumni and 50 community members who come from a variety of health care and non-health-care focused backgrounds.
The mission of the High Tech Club is to provide opportunities for members to share knowledge in technology fundamentals and trends, to gain access to employment resources, and to network with technology leaders.
Hispanic Business Student Association (HBSA)
HBSA is a community of students of Latino heritage whose goal is to increase interaction with alumni, undergraduates, and students in other graduate programs at Stanford; foster professional and personal development; and encourage leadership, both within Stanford GSB and in the greater Latino community.
Improvisational Theater Troupe
Informally known as “the Archuckle Fellows” the Improvisational Theater Troupe is a Stanford-GSB-specific organization open to the entire Stanford community. Our mission is to provide equal access to the art of improvisational acting, and through improvisational acting to help students and staff gain comfort in public speaking, experiential role playing, and fostering a community of support for constructive personal risk-taking and development. Activities include weekly improv practice sessions, which are open to all students on campus and available to all experience levels, including no experience. During the practice sessions, a series of improv games are played with the leaders of the session highlighting successful improv behavior and reinforcing general improv ideas, creating a very strong learning culture. Practices typically occur once a week. Activities also include quarterly shows, which are free shows for entertaining students and faculty members.
Jewish Business Student Association (JBSA)
The mission of the JBSA is to provide a welcoming Jewish community for all Stanford GSB students and their significant others.
Latin American Student Association (LASA)
The goal of LASA is to strengthen bonds among the Latin community at Stanford GSB and all those interested in it, while increasing awareness of Latin issues. To achieve this LASA organizes social gatherings, speaker series, and career development activities.
Leadership Perspectives Committee
The student leaders of the committee are responsible for identifying and recruiting speakers, serving as class liaisons, and facilitating discussions for "Leadership Perspectives," a four-unit elective that explores the principles and practices by which leaders institutionalize particular values within the organizations they lead.
Management Consulting Club
The Management Consulting Club brings students together who are interested in the profession of consulting.
The Marketing Club is the business school's primary club for those with an interest, background, and/or career aspiration in marketing.
MBA Admissions Ambassadors Program (MAAP)
MBA students participating in MAAP play a significant role in the MBA Admissions Office's recruitment and outreach efforts.Volunteers put a personal touch on the prospective and admitted student experiences at the GSB by serving on panels at information sessions, leading tours of the Knight Management Center, hosting Meet a Student on Break events, serving as marketing thought partners, and executing two Admit Weekends.
MBA Student Association (SA)
The MBA SA is the elected MBA student government that acts as a liaison with the school administration and faculty. The SA is composed of a board of directors (the Senate) and several standing committees.
Middle East and North Africa Club (MENA)
MENA promotes the business, political, and cultural aspects of the Middle East and North Africa region through informational events, special guest speakers, and social activities.
MSx Student Association
The MSx Student Association represents and advocates for MSx student views and concerns; promotes, coordinates, and operates student activities and services; and enhances channels of communication between the student, faculty, administration, alumni, and university communities.
Outdoor Adventure (OA) Club
The OA Club sponsors outdoor adventures year round. OA also works to facilitate and build relationships with outdoor companies and leaders to increase awareness of the industry.
The PhD Student Association is the elected student body government that acts as a liaison with the school administration and faculty. The association is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Chair. The PhD Student Association works to enrich the quality of social and academic life for doctoral students in Stanford's Graduate School of Business.
Private Equity (PE) Club
The PE club is devoted to fostering awareness of and interest in the private investment industry. Club activities focus on middle-stage growth equity and late-stage LBO investments.
Product Design and Manufacturing Club (PDMC)
PDMC is for those who appreciate the importance of creation. The club provides opportunities to learn more about how designers and inventors create everyday products to make our lives easier.
Real Estate Club
The Real Estate Club focuses on the buildings, spaces and communities where people live, work, and play. Finance, economics, legal and regulatory procedures, architecture and design, and urban planning are topics that may be covered.
Retail Club
The Retail Club is designed for students interested in learning about or pursuing a career in the retail industry. The club has a broad industry and functional reach. Events throughout the year promote learning in both the "bricks and mortar" and e-commerce sales channels. In addition, events are organized to expose members to retailers in a variety of segments and functional areas.
Rugby Club
The Rugby Club is for anyone interested in the game of rugby. The club coordinates weekly practices and scrimmages, and also competes in local and national tournaments.
Soccer Club
The Soccer Club aims to promote a balance between fun and serious soccer for all Stanford GSB students.
Social Innovation Club
The Social Innovation Club serves Stanford GSB students interested in exploring innovative ways to tackle the world's most pressing social challenges and improving livelihoods for low-income populations domestically and internationally. The club believes that businesses can excel with more than one bottom line and that private sector approaches can help nonprofit and governmental organizations catalyze their impact.
Sports Management Club (SMC)
The SMC provides opportunities to meet with key businesspeople in the world of athletics. In the past, the club has hosted guest speakers, small group dinners, career panels, and outings with individuals involved in the business side of sports.
Stanford GSB Shred
The club's mission is to provide a forum for individuals interested in alpine skiing, snow boarding, and other winter recreational activities.
Student-Alumni Committee
The Student-Alumni Committee serves as the point of connection between the Stanford GSB student community and the Alumni Relations Office. The committee provides valuable input and guidance on strategies, programs, and initiatives driven by the Alumni Relations Office that engage Stanford GSB students with alumni, and prepare students to become active members of the alumni community.
Sustainable Business Club (SBC)
The SBC connects students with business, technology, and policy leaders in fields such as sustainable services, clean energy, water resources, and climate change. The club offers industry speaker lunches, mixer events with "across-the-street" and e-IPER students, and company treks.
Texas Club
The Texas Club is comprised of students who are from Texas, who are interested in finding jobs in Texas, or who simply have an interest in Texan issues.
The THC seeks to become the center for travel and hospitality-related interactions at Stanford GSB. We aim to bring together students, faculty members, alumni, and guests to explore issues related to all areas of leisure and business travel. The club focuses on career and professional development, education about the travel and hospitality sectors, and provides opportunities for networking and social events.
Venture Capital (VC) Club
The VC Club sponsors a variety of group events with venture capitalists and entrepreneurs, including small group dinners, speaker presentations, workshops, and other social events. Club members range from those with previous experience to those who are exploring the venture industry for the first time.
The Veterans Club is the school's association of military veterans. The club is open to all Stanford GSB students and attempts to relate the unique experiences of military service to current events and business problems that managers are likely to encounter, including strategic, human resources, and operational issues. The club serves as resource for members to foster professional and personal development while encouraging leadership, both within Stanford GSB and in the greater business community.
View from the Top (VFTT)
View from the Top (VFTT) is the premier speaker series at the Stanford Business School. Each year, the series brings leaders from a variety of industries to campus to discuss their business and leadership philosophies with students.
The Stanford GSB Wine Circle seeks to provide a foundation of knowledge and tasting experiences to further students' enjoyment and understanding of wine in an informal social setting.
Women in Management (WIM)
WIM is a student-led organization that supports women achieving their full professional potential by providing mentorship, guidance, and a forum for education and the exchange of ideas on issues women face in leadership roles.
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