English Proficiency Tests

A strong ability to read and write in English is crucial for success in the MSx Program. English fluency enables you to manage the high volume of required course reading, participate in complex and dynamic classroom discussions, and effectively work with classmates on team projects.

Do I Need to Take the Test?

If all of your courses at your undergraduate or graduate school were conducted in English, then you are exempt from English proficiency testing.

You must take an English proficiency test if:

  • English was not the primary language of instruction at your undergraduate or graduate institution.
  • Some of your classes were taught in a language other than English, even if your specific program was taught in English.

Your citizenship and/or work experience are not exemptions for the testing requirement.

Score Requirement

We accept TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE test scores for admission to the MSx Program. We do not have a preferred test, but we do require a minimum score.

Test Minimum Score Requirement
Evaluates your ability to use and understand English at the university level, and how well you combine your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills to perform academic tasks.
IETLS Academic
Reflects aspects of academic language to assess if you are ready for higher education in an English-speaking environment.
7.0 overall band score
PTE Academic
Assesses your aptitude for “real-life” academic English by testing communicative skills across a variety of subjects.
68 overall score
*The iBT version includes the “speaking” section. If you take the revised paper-delivered test, we generally require a minimum total score of 75.

If you have previously taken one of these tests and wish to use that score in your application to the program, your score must be valid as of your application round deadline. (TOEFL, IELTS, and PTE scores are valid for two years.)

As with the GMAT and GRE tests, your test date should be at least a few weeks prior to your application round deadline to ensure timely score reporting.

Score Reporting

You will provide your unofficial test score in your online application.

Once you are admitted, you will need to provide your official scores from the testing agency.

TOEFL Instruct Educational Testing Service to send scores to “Stanford University” using the school code:


IELTS Academic Send your score to our IELTS e-download account:

Stanford Graduate School of Business - MSx Program
Graduate School of Business
Knight Management Center
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305

PTE Academic Report your score directly to the Stanford MSx Program through the PTE Academic score portal.