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Sponsored Candidates

Since the program was established more than 50 years ago, many of our Fellows have been sponsored by a company, government, or foundation. These organizations recognize the long-term benefits of investing in their most promising future leaders, and over the years, many Fellows have gone on to lead the global enterprises that sponsored their education.

Sponsorship from an organization may include an agreement to pay:

  • Full or partial tuition
  • Full or partial continuation of salary or living expenses
  • Educational expenses such as books, study trips, and other materials or activities

Self-Funded Candidates

Most candidates attending the program today are self-funded. After acceptance to the program, self-funded Fellows may apply for financial aid.

Companies: Develop Your C-Level Talent

Learn why hundreds of companies from every region in the world have sponsored their most talented executives as Fellows in the Stanford MSx Program, and how many of these Fellows went on to lead their companies.