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Our Mission

Seed is a Stanford GSB-led initiative that’s working to end the cycle of global poverty.

We believe that business is one of the most powerful engines of change to move developing economies to greater prosperity. To maximize our impact, we’re working on multiple fronts and across multiple time horizons. Seed is training business leaders in developing economies, inspiring Stanford students to become globally engaged leaders, and supporting critical research that can lead to breakthrough solutions.

Near-Term Impact: Seed Transformation Program

The Seed Transformation Program brings the power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and leadership to established businesses and their leaders — on the ground, in their communities. We’ve started in Africa, but our goal is to expand to developing economies throughout the world. When they have access to our general management training, coaching, and networking support, business leaders can begin to lead their regions to greater prosperity.

Medium-Term Impact: Seed Student Opportunities

As part of an educational institution, we are dedicated to inspiring the next generation of globally engaged leaders. Through on-campus courses and programs combined with internships at Seed Transformation Program companies, we are introducing students to the challenges and opportunities of doing business in developing economies.

Long-Term Impact: Seed Research

Seed is stimulating and funding critical research across Stanford University that can lead to breakthrough solutions to alleviate global poverty. Our goal is to advance fundamental knowledge about entrepreneurship, innovation, and the growth of firms in developing economies so that future interventions will be more successful.

Why Stanford?

As the leading research university with a pioneering culture of innovation and entrepreneurship, Stanford is uniquely positioned to bring together faculty, students, and alumni to help solve one of the most pressing issues of our time: global poverty. Our faculty is inspired by the challenge. And our staff, students, and alumni are motivated to make a difference.

Fundamentally, we believe that business is one of the most powerful engines of change in developing economies — and that the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset that we foster at Stanford can be leveraged to change lives, organizations, and the world.