Join the Stanford Venture Studio

The Stanford Venture Studio is open to current graduate students from any school or discipline at Stanford.

Team Composition

We welcome teams of one or more members that meet the following criteria:

  • The team has at least one masters or PhD student, or postdoc, from any Stanford school.
  • The team has a supermajority of Stanford affiliated members. This means that for teams of more than two, greater than 50 percent of the members have a current Stanford affiliation. For teams of two, one current graduate student or postdoc is sufficient. Stanford alumni status does not count as a current affiliation.
  • At least one team member is enrolled in, has completed, or intends to complete within two quarters an entrepreneurial course. This requirement may be waived if one or more members can show significant entrepreneurial experience.
  • All Stanford students on the team are in good academic standing.

Stage / Sector

  • Teams can be working on any type of idea, from any sector (including nonprofits and social ventures) and be at any stage of development.
  • Enrollment is non-competitive — we accept all teams that meet the team composition criteria and agree to the program commitments.

Program Commitments

The Stanford Venture Studio is a self-paced program with no required time commitments. There is also no cost to join the program (including equity). Stanford Venture Studio has no claims on any intellectual property.

However, teams and team members do have to agree to the following:

How and When to Join

Teams can join anytime during the year by completing our sign-up form. Once you submit the form, you will hear from us in five to seven business days with instructions on how to access the various resources and benefits of Stanford Venture Studio.

Still have questions? Email us.