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Facility Inspections

Facility Inspections

Facility Inspections

ICE Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) oversees the civil immigration detention of one of the most highly transient and diverse populations of any detention or correctional system in the world. ICE detains individuals solely to secure their presence for immigration proceedings and removal from the United States, with detention resources focused on those who represent a threat to public safety, for whom detention is mandatory by law, or who may be a flight risk.

Through a robust inspections program, ICE ensures detention facilities used to house ICE detainees do so in accordance with ICE national detention standards. These standards were promulgated in cooperation with ICE stakeholders, the American Correctional Association (ACA), and representatives of non-governmental organizations, and were created to ensure that all individuals in ICE custody are treated with dignity and respect, and provided the best possible care. Depending on the negotiated contract or agreement, detention facilities that house ICE adult detainees operate under one of the following ICE detention standards:

ICE’s inspection process provides firm assurance that detainees in ICE custody are housed in the least restrictive environment consistent with the safety and security of the detained population and orderly facility operations. The annual detention inspection, conducted by an independent third-party contractor, ensures that facilities remain in compliance with ICE’s standards and that any deficiencies noted are immediately resolved by facility management.

Beginning with May 2018, ICE is posting all facility inspection reports submitted by the third-party contractor. The reports are posted below in chronological order within 60 days of inspection. In addition, starting in June 2019 ICE is posting all Family Residential Center inspection reports.


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Due to the COVID-19 CDC guidance and restrictions, no annual facility inspections were conducted during the months of April - August.

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Updated: 09/16/2021