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Notable Deaths 2018

Remembering Aretha Franklin, John McCain, Neil Simon, Philip Roth, Stephen Hawking, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Barbara Bush and many others who died this year.


Nancy Roman, 93

Mother of the Hubble' Telescope

Lawrence Roberts, 81

A Father of the Internet

Shehu Shagari, 93

Nigerian Leader During Oil Crisis

Amos Oz, 79

Israeli Author and Peace Advocate

Sono Osato, 99

Japanese‑American Ballet Star

Wendy Beckett, 88

Nun Who Became a BBC Star

Larry Eisenberg, 99

The Times's Unofficial Poet Laureate

Yuan Mu, 90

Defended Tiananmen Square Crackdown

Roberto Suazo Córdova, 91

Ex‑President of Honduras

Audrey Geisel, 97

Dr. Seuss's Widow and Steward of His Legacy

Mel Hutchins, 90

N.B.A. All‑Star

Raven Wilkinson, 83

Ballerina Who Braved Segregation

Donald Moffat, 87

Actor Who Thrived in Second Billings

John Ford Noonan, 77

Playwright of "A Coupla White Chicks"

Galt MacDermot, 89

Composer of "Hair"

Penny Marshall, 75

Director and "Laverne and Shirley" Star

Colin Kroll, 34

HQ Trivia and Vine Co‑Founder

Nancy Wilson, 81

Singer Who Bridged Jazz and Pop

Melvin Dummar, 74

Did Howard Hughes Leave Him Millions?

Alvin Epstein, 93

Actor, Director and Master of Beckett

Evelyn Berezin, 93

Built the First True Word Processor

Rosanell Eaton, 97

Voting Rights Advocate

Bob Bergland, 90

Carter's Agriculture Secretary

Lyudmila Alexeyeva, 91

Russian Human Rights Activist

Selma Engel, 96

Holocaust Survivor and Sobibor Escapee

Dawn Clements, 60

Creator of Panoramas

Palden Gyatso, 85

Monk Who Suffered for a Free Tibet

Belisario Betancur, 95

Colombia President During Rebel Siege

Paul Sherwen, 62

Cycling Commentator

Mastanamma, 107

World’s Oldest Celebrity Chef

Charles Harrison, 87

Designer Who Reshaped the View‑Master

Philip Bosco, 88

Tony‑Winning Character Actor

Paul Gregory, 95

Risk‑Taking Showman


George Bush, 94

The 41st President

Gloria Katz, 76

"American Graffiti" Screenwriter

Robert Morris, 87

Minimalist Sculptor

Patricia Quintana, 72

Champion of Mexican Cuisine

Harold O. Levy, 65

Progressive Schools Chief

Stephen Hillenburg, 57

Created "SpongeBob SquarePants"

Meena Alexander, 67

Poet of Dislocation

Bernardo Bertolucci, 77

Sensual Italian Filmmaker

Willie Naulls, 84

One of Pro Basketball's Earliest Black Stars

Ricky Jay, 72

Master of Legerdemain, Actor and Author

Nicolas Roeg, 90

Director of "The Man Who Fell to Earth"

Lucho Gatica, 90

"The King of Bolero"

Bob McNair, 81

Energy Mogul Who Owned the Houston Texans

Olivia Hooker, 103

Witness to History and Coast Guard Pioneer

Pablo Ferro, 83

Energized Film Credits

Jane Maas, 86

Advertising Industry Trailblazer

James H. Billington, 89

Modernized the Library of Congress

Andrew Fitzgerald, 87

Daring Coast Guard Rescuer

Ramona Ripston, 91

California Civil Rights Champion

Zhores Medvedev, 93

Dissident Soviet Scientist

William Goldman, 87

Oscar‑Winning Screenwriter

Roy Clark, 85

Country Musician and "Hee Haw" Host

Dorothy Cheney, 68

Revealed Primates' Complexity

Barry Rand, 74

Barrier Breaking Chief Executive

David Pearson, 83

Nascar's "Silver Fox"

Herbert London, 79

Conservative Savant and Social Critic

Stan Lee, 95

Superhero of Marvel Comics

Louise DeSalvo, 76

Memoirist and Virginia Woolf Scholar

Oskar Rabin, 90

Defiant Soviet Era Artist

Ron Johnson, 71

Record‑Setting Giants Running Back

Gérald Bloncourt, 91

Photographer Who Depicted the Downtrodden

Jean Mohr, 93

Humanitarian Photographer

Francis Lai, 86

"Love Story" Composer

Devah Pager, 46

Found Race Bias in Job Market

Evelyn Y. Davis, 89

Gadfly Shareholder

Muriel Manings, 95

Infused Dance With Political Meaning

Kitty O'Neil, 72

Daredevil and Stuntwoman

Judith Kazantzis, 78

Feminist Poet and Activist

Raymond Chow, 91

Kung Fu Starmaker

Hardy Fox, 73

Creator of Avant‑Garde Rock

Roy Hargrove, 49

New Generation Trumpeter

Jin Yong, 94

Author of Martial Arts Epics

Sonny Fortune, 79

Top Jazz Saxophonist


Willie McCovey, 80

Hall of Fame Slugger

James (Whitey) Bulger, 89

Murderous, Elusive Boston Mobster

Rico J. Puno, 65

Pop Singer Who Forged Filipino Soul

Ana González, 93

Chilean Human Rights Advocate

Ntozake Shange, 70

Playwright Who Championed Black Women

Rev. Thomas Keating, 95

Pioneer of Christian Contemplative Prayer Movement

Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, 60

Leicester City Soccer Club Owner

Earl E. Bakken, 94

Medtronic Founder Who Made a New Pacemaker

Dorcas Reilly, 92

Invented the Green‑Bean Casserole

Wanda Ferragamo, 96

Made Ferragamo a Global Brand

Osamu Shimomura, 90

Discovered How Jellyfish Glow

Annapurna Devi, 91

Indian Classical Musician and Teacher

Tony Hoagland, 64

Heartfelt, Humorous Poet

Eugene H. Peterson, 85

Pastor Who Recast the Bible

Joachim Ronneberg, 99

Thwarted Nazi Atomic Bomb

Wen C. Fong, 88

Scholar Who Brought Asian Art to the Met

Charles B. Wang, 74

Software Entrepreneur and Islanders Owner

David Posner, 70

Temple Emanu‑El Rabbi

Dick Modzelewski, 87

Celebrated Defensive Lineman

Shirin Aliabadi, 45

Iranian Artist Who Focused on Women

Lisbeth Palme, 87

Witness to Her Husband's Assassination

Evelyn Anthony, 92

Writer of Spy Thrillers

Ara Guler, 90

Poetic Photographer of Istanbul

Dr. William Shearer, 81

Doctor to "the Bubble Boy"

Raye Montague, 83

Navy's "Hidden Figure" of Ship Design

Dennis Hof, 72

Brothel Owner and Candidate

Mario Buatta, 82

"Prince of Chintz"

Paul G. Allen, 65

Co‑Founder of Microsoft

Mary Midgley, 99

Moral Philosopher for the General Reader

William Coors, 102

Brewery Owner and Ultraconservative

Jim Taylor, 83

Packers Hall of Famer

Pik Botha, 86

South African Foreign Minister

Carol Hall, 82

"Best Little Whorehouse" Composer

Jeanne Ashworth, 80

Speedskating Olympian

Betty Grissom, 91

Sued Over Astronaut Husband's Death

Tex Winter, 96

Brain Behind the Triangle Offense

Thomas A. Steitz, 78

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Phyllis Kind, 85

Champion of Outsider Art

David Wise, 88

Author Who Exposed the C.I.A.

Will Vinton, 70

Claymation Creator

Scott Wilson, 76

Moral Authority on "The Walking Dead"

William Baker, 86

Officer Who Righted a Racial Wrong

Hamiet Bluiett, 78

Saxophone Trailblazer

Audrey Wells, 58

"Hate U Give" Screenwriter

Montserrat Caballé, 85

"Ethereal" Operatic Voice

Sydney Goldstein, 73

Public Radio Impresario

Roger Robinson, 78

Actor in August Wilson Plays

Dave Anderson, 89

Sports Columnist

Leon Lederman, 96

Explorer of Subatomic World

Jane Fortune, 76

Championed Female Florentine Artists

Do Muoi, 101

Communist Leader of Vietnam

Jerry González, 69

A Force in Latin Jazz

Charles Aznavour, 94

Global Singing Star


Otis Rush, 83

Influential Chicago Bluesman

Marty Balin, 76

A Jefferson AIrplane Founder

Geta Bratescu, 92

Adventurous Artist

Joe Masteroff, 98

Playwright of "Cabaret" Fame

Inge Feltrinelli, 87

Publisher and Photographer

David Wong Louie, 63

Author Who Probed Ethic Identity

Katherine Hoover, 80

Flutist and Composer

Freddie Oversteegen, 92

Dutch Resistance Fighter

Tommy McDonald, 84

Hall of Fame Receiver

Henry Wessel Jr., 76

Photographer of the West

Madeleine Yayodele Nelson, 69

Afro‑Caribbean Percussionist

Charles Kao, 84

Nobel Laureate on Fiber Optics

Marilyn Lloyd, 89

Trailblazer in Congress

Tran Dai Quang, 61

President of Vietnam

Perry Miller Adato, 97

Documentary Filmmaker

Micheline Rozan, 89

Quiet Force in Theater

Arthur Mitchell, 84

Dancer and Choreographer

Annette Michelson, 95

Film Scholar and Journal Founder

Thad Mumford, 67

Pathbreaking TV Writer

Big Jay McNeely, 91

"King of the Honkers"

Shan Tianfang, 83

Superstar Storyteller

Peter Donat, 90

Wide‑Ranging Actor

Walter Mischel, 88

Psychologist (the Marshmallow Test)

Marin Mazzie, 57

Singer and Broadway Star

Diane Leather, 85

Record‑Breaking Miler

Jeff Lowe, 67

Mountain Climber

Bill Daily, 91

On Sitcoms, a Pal

Burt Reynolds, 82

Heartthrob With a Comic Streak

Richard M. DeVos, 92

Co‑Founder of Amway

Gloria Jean, 92

Child Movie Star

James Mirrlees, 82

Nobel Laureate in Economics

Randy Weston, 92

Pianist and Composer

Marie Severin, 89

Comic Book Artist


Krishna Reddy, 93

Master Printmaker

Paul Taylor, 88

Dancer and Choreographer

John McCain, 81

War Hero, Senator, Presidential Contender

Robin Leach, 76

Host of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"

Hilary Lister, 46

Quadriplegic Sailor Who Set Records

Barbara Harris, 83

Stage, Screen and Improv Actress

Brian Murray, 80

Veteran of Broadway

Kofi Annan, 80

Led the United Nations

Miriam Nelson, 98

Dancer and Choreographer

Johnny Kline, 86

Harlem Globetrotter

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 93

Led India as Prime Minister

Morgana King, 87

Jazz Singer and "Godfather" Actor

Takeshi Onaga, 67

Critic of U.S. Bases

Lorrie Collins, 76

Rockabilly Singer

Stan Mikita, 78

Hockey Hall of Famer

Paul Laxalt, 96

Governor and Senator

Margaret Heckler, 87

Congresswoman and Cabinet Secretary

Joël Robuchon, 73

Chef and Restaurateur

Nancy Tuckerman, 89

White House Social Secretary


Vladimir Voinovich, 85

Dissident Russian Writer

Ron Dellums, 82

Liberal Congressman

Mai Skaf, 49

Actress and Activist

Bill Loud, 97

"American Family" Father

Kimishige Ishizaka, 92

Allergies Researcher

Mary Ellis, 101

World War II Pilot

Guy V. Molinari, 89

New York Power Broker

Lincoln Brower, 86

Butterfly Authority

Rene Portland, 65

Basketball Coach

Burton Richter, 87

Nobel‑Winning Physicist

Jonathan Gold, 57

L.A. Food Critic

Madeleine Kamman, 87

French Cuisine Champion

Shinobu Hashimoto, 100

Kurosawa Screenwriter

Adrian Cronauer, 79

"Good Morning, Vietnam" D.J.

Manny Ycaza, 80

Hall of Fame Jockey

Gary Beach, 70

Tony‑Winning Actor

Yvonne Blake, 78

Costume Designer

Ann Hopkins, 74

Cracked Glass Ceiling

William McBride, 91

Warned About Thalidomide

Nancy Barbato Sinatra, 101

Sinatra Wife and Confidante

Tom Gallagher, 77

Diplomat and Gay Activist

Price Cobbs, 89

Psychiatrist and Writer

Robert D. Ray, 89

Centrist Iowa Governor

Lord Carrington, 99

Foreign Secretary

Tab Hunter, 86

Hollywood Heartthrob

Frank Ramsey, 86

N.B.A. "Sixth Man"

Steve Ditko, 90

A Spider‑Man Creator

Gudrun Burwitz, 88

Himmler's Daughter

Claude Lanzmann, 92

Holocaust Documentarian

Ed Schultz, 64

Political Talk‑Show Host

Henry Butler, 69

New Orleans Pianist

Irena Szewinska, 72

Champion Sprinter

Alfred Alberts, 87

Statin Discoverer

Gillian Lynne, 92

"Cats" Choreographer


Herman Shine, 95

Auschwitz Escapee

Liliane Montevecchi, 85

Tony‑Winning Actress

Arvid Carlsson, 95

Disease Ground‑Breaker

Harlan Ellison, 84

Science Fiction Writer

Joe Jackson, 89

Father of Music Stars

Kathy Shaw, 72

Sex Abuse Watchdog

Dan Ingram, 83

Radio Disc Jockey

Frank Heart, 89

Computer Pioneer

Dick Leitsch, 83

Gay Rights Activist

Vinnie Paul, 54

Heavy Metal Innovator

Kim Jong-pil, 92

South Korean Kingmaker

Chuck Vinci, 85

Olympic Weight Lifter

James Gips, 72

Enabled the Disabled

Billy Connors, 76

Yankee Pitching Guru

Charles Krauthammer, 68

Conservative Columnist

Peter Thomson, 88

Champion Golfer

Kazuo Kashio, 89

Electronics Innovator

Matt Murphy, 88

Blues Guitarist

Adel Mahmoud, 76

Pharmaceutical Executive

Walter Bahr, 91

American Soccer Star

Myrtle Allen, 94

Irish Restaurateur

William Reese, 62

Rare Books Seller

George N. Leighton, 105

Civil Rights Lawyer

Dorothy Cotton, 88

Aide to Dr. King

Anne Donovan, 56

Player and W.N.B.A. Coach

D.J. Fontana, 87

Presley Drummer

Gena Turgel, 95

Holocaust Survivor

Maya Jribi, 58

Pro‑Democracy Tunisian

Murray Fromson, 88

Press Freedom Champion

Nick Meglin, 82

Mad Magazine Editor

Jon Hiseman, 73

Composer and Drummer

Lorraine Gordon, 95

Jazz Club Preserver

Anthony Bourdain, 61

Chef, Author and TV Host

Red Schoendienst, 95

Cardinals Star and Manager

Paul D. Boyer, 99

Nobel Winner in Chemistry

Mel Weinberg, 93

Informant in Abscam Sting

Dwight Clark, 61

N.F.L. Receiver

Kate Spade, 55

Handbag Designer

Frank C. Carlucci, 87

Diplomat and Defense Secretary

Jill Ker Conway, 83

Author and College President

Ella Brennan, 92

New Orleans Restaurateur

Jens Christian Skou, 99

Nobel Winner in Chemistry


Ted Dabney, 81

A Founder of Atari

Dick Tuck, 94

Democratic Prankster

Mildred Council, 89

Southern Restaurateur

Glenn Snoddy, 96

Fuzz Tone Inventor

Laszlo Tabori, 86

Runner and Defector

Carol Mann, 77

L.P.G.A. Leader

Dovey Johnson Roundtree, 104

Barrier‑Breaking Lawyer

Bernard Lewis, 101

Scholar of Islam

Bill Gold, 97

Movie Poster Artist

Reggie Lucas, 65

Guitarist and Producer

Will Alsop, 70

Architectural Provocateur

Doug Ford, 95

Golf Champion

Tom Wolfe, 88

"New Journalist" and Author

Ernest Medina, 81

Acquitted in Massacre

Robert N. Hall, 96

Prolific Inventor

Edwin G. Burrows, 74

Historian of New York City

Jhoon Rhee, 86

Ambassador of Taekwondo

Art Paul, 93

Playboy Art Director

Jabo Starks, 79

James Brown Drummer


Abbas Attar, 74

Iranian Photographer

Judith Leiber, 97

Handbag Designer

Larry Harvey, 70

Burning Man Founder

James H. Cone, 79

Black Liberationist

Sachio Kinugasa, 71

Baseball Iron Man

Bob Dorough, 94

"Schoolhouse Rock!" Composer

Avicii, 28

Producer and D.J.

Bruno Sammartino, 82

Champion Wrestler

Carl Kasell, 84

Newsman Turned Comedian

Harry Anderson, 65

"Night Court" Actor

David Edgerton, 90

Burger King Founder

Hal Greer, 81

Jump Shot Artist

Milos Forman, 86

Oscar‑Winning Director

Charles McDew, 79

Civil Rights Activist

John Melcher, 93

Montana Democrat

Peter Grunberg, 78

Nobel‑Winning Physicist

Mitzi Shore, 87

Nurturer of Comedians

Carl Scheib, 91

Youngest American Leaguer

Steven Bochco, 74

Television Hitmaker


Andrew Balducci, 92

Italian Grocery Founder

Rusty Staub, 73

In Baseball, Le Grand Orange

Li Ao, 82

Writer and Firebrand

Linda Brown, 75

Civil Rights Symbol

Zell Miller, 86

Georgia Politician

Phan Van Kai, 84

Vietnam Prime Minister

Hazel Smith, 83

Country Music Matriarch

Peter G. Peterson, 91

Financier and Fiscal Watchdog

Larry Kwong, 94

N.H.L. Barrier Breaker

Wilson Harris, 96

Guyanese Novelist

Ed Charles, 84

Mets Infielder

Tom Benson, 90

New Orleans Saints Owner

Lefty Kreh, 93

Fly Fisherman

Stephen Hawking, 76

Physicist and Author

Craig Mack, 47

Rapper and Producer

Oskar Groning, 96

Auschwitz Guard

Reynaldo Bignone, 90

Argentine Dictator

Helmut Maucher, 90

Transformed Nestle

Russ Solomon, 92

Tower Records Founder

Sonja Bata, 91

Shoe Museum Founder


Cynthia Heimel, 70

Feminist Humorist

Gunter Blobel, 81

Nobel‑Winning Biologist

Jim Bridwell, 73

Maverick Mountaineer

John Gavin, 86

Actor and Ambassador

Lovebug Starski, 57

Hip‑Hop Pioneer

John Perry Barlow, 70

Writer and Internet Pioneer

John Mahoney, 77

Father in "Frasier"

Jon Huntsman Sr., 80

Industrialist and Philanthropist

Nicholas von Hoffman, 88

Journalist and Author


Arno Motulsky, 94

Leader in Medical Genetics

Warren Miller, 93

Ski Bum Turned Filmmaker

Hugh Masekela, 78

Trumpeter and Activist

Wyatt Tee Walker, 88

Dr. King's Strategist

Naomi Parker Fraley, 96

Rosie the Riveter Model

Joe Frank, 79

Offbeat Radio Host

Dorothy Malone, 93

"Peyton Place" Star

Peter Mayle, 78

Travel Memoirist

Dolores O'Riordan, 46

Cranberries Singer

Dan Gurney, 86

Racecar Driver and Builder

Keith Jackson, 89

Voice of College Football

Fast Eddie Clarke, 67

Motörhead Guitarist

Anna Mae Hayes, 97

First Female General

Tatsuro Toyoda, 88

Toyota Trailblazer

Horace Ashenfelter, 94

F.B.I. Agent and Olympian

Jerry Van Dyke, 86

Television Actor

Carmen Cozza, 87

Yale Football Coach

Jimmie Holland, 89

Pioneer of Psycho‑Oncology

Aharon Appelfeld, 85

Novelist Haunted by the Holocaust

Fred Bass, 89

Bookstore Propietor