Vows, weddings, Modern Love and more.

Vows, weddings, Modern Love and more.


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    CreditRoxane Lumeret

    Field Notes

    Weddings for Days

    Multiday wedding celebrations packed with events are becoming more popular as couples look to make up lost time with loved ones during the pandemic.


  2. PhotoAimee France, who is based in Brooklyn, is one of many bakers stepping away from perfectly decorated cakes and experimenting with bizarre, fantastically imperfect creations.
    CreditRyan Jenq for The New York Times

    Let Them Eat (Wacky, Whimsical) Cake

    From weddings to birthdays, fantastically imperfect cakes slathered in frosting, or that wobble and wiggle, are redefining the look of celebratory confections.


  3. PhotoTalibah Safiya and Bertram Williams Jr. married Sept. 5 at Mound City, a former farm that has been converted into an events hall and rental property in Mound City, Ark.
    CreditRaphael Baker


    Opening Their Eyes to Art and Each Other

    Talibah Safiya and Bertram Williams Jr. felt a spark while watching a play together in high school, 11 years before their first proper date.


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    CreditYimiao Liu

    My Not-So-Secret Admirer

    Sometimes you just need a dose of love and validation to get you through the day. And who better to give it to you than yourself?


  2. PhotoFor their wedding in the metaverse, Dave and Traci Gagnon had avatars created that were based on personal photos and the clothes they wore to their in-person ceremony.
    Creditvia Traci Gagnon

    Getting Married in the Metaverse

    One couple’s recent nuptials in the virtual world known as the metaverse showcase the possibilities of having a wedding unfettered by the bounds of reality.


  3. Field Notes

    CreditVanessa Saba

    How to Avoid Basic Wedding Scams

    From counterfeit gowns to stolen gifts, here are four common fraudulent schemes and tips for how to prevent them.


  4. PhotoAnthony Luscia, left, Russell James and Sylvia Weinstock.
    CreditJennifer Domenick

    Remembering the ‘Queen of Cake’

    Sylvia Weinstock, who died Nov. 22, created thousands of wedding cakes over the years. Four couples share what her confections meant to them.



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    CreditEmma McGowan of Ether & Smith

    Her Easy Confidence Felt Excitingly Familiar

    Geoffrey Bain Hutchinson and Neah Alexandra Morton had a first date five days after matching on a dating app. A mutual chemistry developed even faster.


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    CreditFor Just a Moment Photography

    Mutual Admiration Forged Their Immediate Connection

    Louis Di Cerbo and Dr. Robin Stafford met on the dating app Bumble in July 2020. His wife had died several months before, while she was still reeling from a divorce.


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    CreditBre Jane Photography

    At First, They Were Up in the Air

    When Bridgette Summers and Andrew Wicks each signed up for an aerial tour of Kauai, neither expected that their favorite sight would be a fellow passenger.


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    CreditEmily Boone

    Life as a Pair Began at His Table for One

    Sandra Sidi had given up on love by the time she walked into a Texas restaurant and caught the eye of Ron Welch, who invited her to sit with him.


  5. PhotoDr. R Frerichs, left, and Tony Harrelson.

    A ‘Super Like’ on Super Bowl Sunday

    Dr. R Everett Frerichs got Tony Harrelson’s attention when he inadvertently sent him a “super like” on They were married 10 months later.


Modern Love

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  1. PhotoKamah Asha Wilson, left, and Kelsey Reynolds were married Oct. 10 at Shirley Acres, an events space in Houston.
    CreditAnnie Mulligan for The New York Times

    ‘The Odds Were Stacked Against Us’

    For Kelsey Reynolds and Kamah Asha Wilson, a “lesbian-queer, interracial, Christian couple,” marriage was an opportunity to embrace tradition on their terms.


  2. PhotoDavid Raleigh, left, and Rick Bahl were married on Oct. 30 at the Cutting Room in Manhattan.
    CreditCalla Kessler for The New York Times

    They Shared a Cab Ride, Then a Life Together

    David Raleigh and Rick Bahl met at a Manhattan bar on Halloween 26 years ago. For one of them, it was love at first sight.


  3. PhotoAndy Estevez and Princess Francois were married at Transfiguration Roman Catholic Church in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, on Sept. 5, more than four years after they first connected on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel.
    CreditAmr Alfiky for The New York Times

    A ‘Royal’ Wedding in Brooklyn

    Princess Francois and Andy Estevez, both educators, had each resigned themselves to romantic disappointment — until they met four years ago.


Field Notes

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  1. PhotoEyebrow tweezing is one treatment that grooms are booking ahead of their wedding day. Joey Healy, the owner of Joey Healy Eyebrow Studio in New York, said he is seeing more grooms of late “because of the uptick in weddings and because people are crawling out of this post-Covid world.”
    CreditVictor Llorente for The New York Times

    Grooming Tips for the Groom

    Products and services to help a groom look his best on the big day.


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    CreditMark Oliver

    Weddings for Rent

    These days, everything but the spouse is available on loan.


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    CreditGraham Roumieu

    Prepping for the Year of Many, Many Weddings

    After much holdover, nuptials are back on for 2022 and invites are piling up. But just because you’re ready to get out and celebrate doesn’t mean your wallet is.


  4. PhotoBig Fake Wedding New York City expo attendee, Joanna Ciavarella, walks down the aisle at the July 2021 event. 
    CreditOK McCausland for The New York Times

    Let Them Taste Cake Again

    When wedding planning paused, wedding expos died down. Now, all the food-sampling, photographer-shopping and tango-learning is back — in more pandemic-friendly form.


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    CreditAndrea Cobb

    This Season’s Wedding Crashers: Cicadas

    The insects, which surface every 17 years, have invaded outdoor weddings in several states and the District of Columbia. They’re expected to be gone by early July.



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    CreditJohn P. Dessereau

    They Grew Apart, Then Became Close Again

    Trent and Denise Montagu never stopped caring for each other after their divorce. “I didn’t ever stop loving Trent,” she said “I stopped wanting to be in marriage with him, which is different.”


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    CreditAlexandra Bowman

    Challenged to Sustain Their Lifestyle

    Therapy and fancy vacations couldn’t remove the strain on this couple’s marriage, which was brought about by ongoing financial problems.


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    CreditAndré da Loba

    Pulled Apart by Addiction

    Eli Falk and Rina Shapiro say expectations from their upbringing and Jewish communities caused them to marry prematurely.



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