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    CreditKim Hong-Ji/Reuters

    Reaction After South Korea Ousts Leader

    Supporters and opponents of President Park Geun-hye of South Korea took to the streets on Friday after the court issued a ruling to remove her from office, capping months of turmoil.


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    CreditRuth Fremson/The New York Times. Technology by Samsung.

    Prescription Heroin as Medicine

    Vancouver, Canada, is taking a controversial approach to drug treatment: prescription heroin. Go inside a clinic where drug users inject diacetylmorphine under the supervision of a medical professional.


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    CreditRemko De Waal/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

    Dutch Greens Make Inroads Days Before Vote for Parliament

    Still, there is little consensus about what sort of government voters in the Netherlands want, with the electorate described as “fragmented.”

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    CreditDigitalGlobe/UNOSAT, via Associated Press

    U.N. Accuses Turkey of Killing Hundreds of Kurds

    Turkish security forces also caused 500,000 people to be displaced in a campaign of torture, rape and destruction, a new report says.

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    When the Kids Crash Your BBC Interview

    Two children interrupted a political-science professor live on the air while he was trying to explain the South Korea impeachment scandal.

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    CreditWakil Kohsar/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

    A Shelter for Art Caught in the Crossfire

    The Louvre is building a new storehouse for its own collection, and has also offered the space as a safe-haven place for art and antiquities in war zones.

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    CreditOn The Ground News

    Former N.Y. Comic, Reporting From Aleppo

    Bilal Abdul Kareem is a Muslim convert and former comedian from New York. In the last few years, he’s made hundreds of news reports from Syria.


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    CreditChang W. Lee/The New York Times

    Lynne Stewart, Lawyer Imprisoned in Terrorism Case, Dies at 77

    Ms. Stewart, who was convicted of aiding terrorism in her representation of Omar Abdel Rahman, was also known for defending a member of the Weather Underground and other violent activists.


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  1. Trilobites

    CreditAgence France-Presse — Getty Images

    A Lake Turned Pink in Australia. It’s Not the Only One.

    Images of a hot-pink lake in Melbourne have taken over the internet this week. The coloration is the result of a salt-loving microbe’s attempt to make its own sunscreen.

  2. Issue 4

    CreditMatthew Abbott for The New York Times

    Exploring Populism and Popularity

    In this week’s Oz newsletter, the search for audience loyalty, in journalism and right-wing populism.

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  1. Opinion

    CreditEmmanuel Dunand/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

    How the Dutch Stopped Being Decent and Dull

    The right-wing populist Geert Wilders is set to overturn the Netherlands’ liberal reputation.

  2. Editorial

    Europe’s Sluggish Response to VW

    The diesel emissions fraud case exposed in America in 2015 is finally being acted on by European officials.

  3. Op-Ed Contributor

    CreditNicole Tung for The New York Times

    Propaganda in Istanbul

    A cult of martyrdom reminiscent of post-revolution Iran is being manufactured in Turkey.

  4. Contributing Op-Ed Writer


    Germany’s False Hopes About Trump

    Many think he’ll come around to the value of working with Europe. But they don’t know his supporters.

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    CreditAlex Wong/Getty Images

    Afghanistan Is Now Trump’s War

    Requests for a new troop surge in Afghanistan must be met with skepticism.