Discover the advantages of developing with our smart city solutions.

Qualcomm Technologies’ smart city solutions enable intelligent network connectivity and edge processing solutions in cities across the globe. Our full suite of wide- and local-area connectivity processing technologies include Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G LTE and small cells to help bring efficiency, safety, and innovation to fast-growing urban environments. By addressing challenges within city infrastructure, energy, transportation, and buildings, we are helping to develop sustainable solutions that minimize total cost of ownership—and position cities with an eye to the future.

Secure interoperability

Data can move freely across various technologies that utilize state-of-the-art security within city functions such as lighting, transportation, and infrastructure, allowing for more intelligent communication.

Edge processing

By putting more processing power and intelligence where data is transferred and received, systems can be made more efficient through local command and control versus moving massive amounts of raw data through the cloud.

Deploying at scale

Our comprehensive, integrated solutions can be used in a wide range of applications, enabling customers to address multiple segments and support reduced product development costs, integration time, and design complexity.

Smart Cities Accelerator Program

The Qualcomm® Smart Cities Accelerator Program is designed to connect cities, municipalities, government agencies, and enterprises with an ecosystem of providers offering solutions from Qualcomm Technologies. Program members represent a breadth of hardware and software providers, cloud solution providers, system integrators, and design and manufacturing companies, as well as companies offering end-to-end solutions with Smart Cities in mind.

Qualcomm IoT Services Suite

The Qualcomm® IoT Services Suite is a highly scalable, end-to-end solution designed to quickly and cost effectivity connect and transform cities and industries. Our comprehensive suite includes solutions for everything from the edge to the cloud, enabling industries such as agriculture, education, construction and more to transform how they manage and secure resources.

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