Please note: we are unable to provide support for OEM devices, including drivers. If you're experiencing issues with your consumer device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop, camera, drone, router, access point, etc.) you will need to contact the OEM of your equipment directly as we are unable to support our chips once the manufacture has modified them for their particular use. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website, as they typically offer a variety of technical support options, including drivers.


Your virtual one-stop web portal that provides access to various materials that your company has licensed for building and launching devices. On CreatePoint, you can get hardware and software documents, engineering tools, and browse compatible third party hardware components. You can also submit support cases and link into the Qualcomm ChipCode™ portal.

Qualcomm® Developer Network

Developers can learn about developing for platforms, view documentation, watch video tutorials, and get access to forums through Qualcomm Developer Network.

CSR Support

For a wide array of Qualcomm® Bluetooth solutions, this web portal provides a collection of documentation, tools, and SDKs. For information on how to register with CSR Support, you can follow the step-by-step instructions on our developer web site.