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About the Committees

Board of Supervisors’ Policy Committees:
The Board of Supervisors has five major policy committees.  The policy committees are designed to provide a venue for a comprehensive review of the major functional areas of County Government.  The Committees are the Board’s medium for fostering collaboration among various departments of the County of Santa Clara and for encouraging partnerships between government agencies in the County.   Each Board member is the Chair of one committee and the Vice Chair of a second committee.  In addition to the five policy committees, the Board of Supervisors has established a Legislative Committee to review legislative issues that have been brought to the Board for action or that directly affect the County of Santa Clara. 
Finance and Government Operations Committee:
The Finance and Government Operations Committee (FGOC) provides oversight and direction to the County Executive in areas of Finance, Budget, Technology and Capital Projects.  The FGOC maintains the strongest linkage to the budget process, and is tasked with reviewing the budget process and working toward the most efficient and effective process possible.  The FGOC also focuses on identifying cost-saving recommendations through the use of the Board’s independent management auditor, the Harvey Rose Corporation.  The Harvey Rose Corporation conducts an annual review of the Recommended Budget Document to assure its accuracy and to identify areas where savings or additional revenues can be found.  Finally, the FGOC reviews the budgets of the County Executive, County Counsel, Assessor, Registrar of Voters, Information Services Department, Facilities and Fleet, Controller-Treasurer, Tax Collector, Department of Revenue, Clerk Recorder, and the Clerk of the Board.
Public Safety and Justice Committee:
This committee is responsible for oversight of the criminal justice system.  A key area of focus is preserving the non-custodial treatment options brought about by the  implementation of the voter-approved referendum mandating drug treatment instead of incarceration for non-violent drug crimes.  Another key areas is the statutory relationship between the Department of Correction and the Office of the Sheriff.  This committee also provides a venue for discussion of matters related to the court system.  This committee reviews budget recommendations relating to the Criminal justice departments including the Office of the District Attorney, Office of the Public Defender, Office of the Sheriff, Probation Department, Department of Correction, Pretrial Services, Medical Examiner-Coroner.
Children, Seniors, and Families Committee:
This committee is focused on a wide variety of issues in the areas of social services and child support services.  The Committee considers issues concerning family, seniors and children’s issues, including the continued development of multi-disciplinary initiatives and partnerships with Community-based organizations to prov9de affordable supportive direct services to clients.  This committee is also working on issues resulting from reduced State and Federal funding.  This committee reviews the budgets for the Social Services Agency, In-Home Support Services, and the Department of Child Support Services.
Health and Hospital Committee:
The work of the Health and Hospital Committee (HHC) is focused on the operations of a comprehensive health care system that provides prevention, education, and treatment; monitoring the ongoing health status of our County and maintaining a health care safety net for our community’s most vulnerable residents.  This committee reviews the budget recommendations of the following county departments:  Public Health Department, Mental Health Department, Alcohol and Drug Services, Custody Health Services, Community Health Services, Valley Health Plan, and Santa Clara Valley Medical Center.
Housing, Land Use, Environment and Transportation Committee:
This committee is focused on long-range, strategic planning in the areas of land use, environment and transportation planning.  In addition, this committee will review general transportation issues, including those related to the Roads and Airports Department, and review transportation programs and fiscal policies.  This committee also oversees issues related to the Housing Trust Fund and reviews the impact of budget recommendations for the departments of:  Planning and Development, Office of Affordable Housing, Agriculture and Environmental Management, Vector Control District, Environmental Health, Parks and Recreation, Roads and Airports.
Legislative Committee:
The Legislative Committee reviews legislative issues that have been brought to the Board of Supervisors for action or that directly affect the County of Santa Clara.  This Committee is focused on preparing general guidelines on major legislative issues setting forth the County’s position on such issues and making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors for approval.  Committee members meet as necessary with legislative representatives of the County to review legislative issues and provide instructions as to actions to take with regard to specific bills when a guideline is approved by the Board.  This Committee also keeps the Board of Supervisors informed of actions taken related to legislation.