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Board Operations


The Board Operations Division provides support to the Board of Supervisors, and in many cases members of the public, in the preparation of meeting agendas for the Board and compilation and distribution of the meeting materials. In preparing agendas, Board Operations integrates new items received from the County Administration, monitors items which must be agendized due to prior Board action, and notices public hearings through legal advertising and mailings in order to ensure that mandated notification requirements are met while working within parameters established by Federal, State and County codes.

To ensure efficient Board of Supervisors meetings, the Board Operations staff provides technical and operational services to the Board prior to, during, and following Board meetings. The necessary steps are then taken to ensure the directions and requests by the Board are carried out and all legal documents are properly executed, notarized, and recorded when necessary. Finally, the documents requested are distributed to those agencies or departments making recommendations to the Board, with notification of Board action affixed.

Board Clerk staff attend meetings of the Board of Supervisors and various Board Committees and write minutes for same. Workload averages 36 Board meetings per year and requires documentation for approximately 2,200 separate items and referrals for follow-up actions or follow up reports of more than 100 items.

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