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Statement of Economic Interests (Form 700 and Instructions)

Click the link above to complete your form online! The eDisclosure program will assist you in filling out your form accurately and completely. Once you have completed your Form 700 in eDisclosure, the system will give you two options: "file by paper" or "submit electronically." When you click "submit electronically," eDisclosure will immediately date-stamp the Form 700 as filed, and electronically submit the Form to the Clerk of the Board's Office, completing your filing.
Elected officials occupying positions designated in California Government Code Section 87200 are now allowed to submit their filings electronically. Previously, these filers were not allowed to e-file.
Filers who select the "file by paper" option will be prompted to print out a Form 700, sign it, and submit the original paper Form to their filing official. eDisclosure will attach a unique barcode on the cover page printout to assist with processing. Original signatures are required for all paper-submitted Forms.
NOTE: Please maintain a copy for your own records.
The link below to the California State Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) Website is provided so you can download the current Statement of Economic Interest Form 700 and instructions on how to complete the form.