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Welcome to the Office of Public Affairs

The County of Santa Clara is committed to transparency and community engagement.  The County welcomes members of the media covering
programs, policies, and services. The public information staff countywide serves as a bridge between the media and the organization to assist in providing responsive communication.
The Office of Public Affairs, in the Office of the County Executive, engages residents and other community stakeholders to explain the County of Santa Clara's policies, programs, services, and to provide statistical and factual information. Working collaboratively with County agencies and departments, the Office of Public Affairs coordinates media communications, issue management, information dissemination and strategic communications advice.
The Office of Public Affairs was created by the Board of Supervisors in 1999 with the goals of:Building public trust and confidence in the County of Santa Clara government; Informing the public about the services provided by the County; and Assisting the County in achieving its goals and priorities. In addition, the Office manages several community focused programs, campaigns and initiatives.
Here are some of the specific media services that the Office of Public Affairs offers: 
News Briefings on Major Policy Issues
News is a fast-paced business and our goal is to provide timely, comprehensive information and perspectives to help the public understand issues affecting our community. Our officials and executives will provide on-the-record background sessions with reporters on a variety of topics.
News Conferences
County news conferences are organized to bring a variety of relevant voices and supporting visuals on specific newsworthy issues.
Editorial Board Meetings
If your editorial board is interested in a policy issue affecting county government, the impact of a new law or other issues that have implications for the greater good or the wellbeing of your readers, our officials welcomes the opportunity to meet with your editorial board.  We may also approach your editorial team to make a case for an issue or policy.
Our expert sources are available to deliver on-the-record comment to meet your deadline for TV, radio, or print. We are eager to make County services, policies, and programs known to our diverse population.  When interviews are not possible, we often can provide quotes for attribution about the County’s perspective on issues.
General Contact Information:
Office of Public Affairs
Office of the County Executive
70 West Hedding Street, 11th Floor, East Wing
San Jose, CA 95110
Main Number (408) 299-5151
Media Line (408) 299-5119
FAX Number (408) 295-2192
Laurel Anderson 
Laurel Anderson
Public Communication Officer 
Phone: 408/299-5168
Fax: 408/295-2192
Marina Hinestrosa 
Marina Hinestrosa 
Public Communication Specialist
Anne Chang
Public Communication Specialist
Mandarin Speaking
PH: 408/299-5130
Fax: 408/295-2192