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Published on: 11/17/2015 11:23 AM

The Santa Clara County Special Event Permit System (SEPS) allows event sponsors to apply online for a permit for their event.   Sponsors can also learn about the event permitting process, types of events, and fees.   County residents may subscribe to receive notices when special events such as bike races or walking events are scheduled on County-operated roads.

The Encroachment Permit Application may be downloaded using the link near the bottom of this page.

Now, Santa Clara County residents will obtain their Residential Parking Pass permits from the County's Roads and Airports Department at 101 Skyport Drive, San Jose, CA 95110, between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM on
Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.  For additional parking pass information, please review the letter sent to Santa Clara residents,  issued Dec 29, 2011.  Your questions can be directed to permit staff at 408-573-2475.

SEPS: The Special Event Permit System:  

Electronic Application for a Permit   - Posted Mar 17, 2011.

Event-Notice Subscription Service   - Posted Mar 17, 2011.
Event-Notice Unsubscription Service   - Posted Mar 17, 2011.

SEPS-Related Material:

Special Events - Application Form.   - Posted Feb 18, 2011.
Special Events - Permit Fee Schedule and Timelines.   - Updated Mar 11, 2011.
Special Events - Administrative Process Guidelines.   - Updated Mar 1, 2011.

Special Events - Indemnification Form.   - Posted Feb 28, 2011.
Special Events - Insurance or Waiver Request Form.   - Posted Mar 8, 2011.
Special Events - Ordinance.   - Updated Feb 22, 2011.
Bike Rides and the County Special Events Ordinance.   - Updated Feb 22, 2011.
County Residential Parking Pass   letter sent to County residents - Posted Dec 29, 2011.

 To Contact The Roads and Airports' Special Event Permit Team

By mail:
     The Special Event Permit Team
     County of Santa Clara, Roads and Airports Department
     101 Skyport Drive
     San Jose, CA 95110

By Phone - 408-573-2429
    By Fax - 408-441-0144
 By Email -
Websites - Santa Clara County (   and   SCC Roads and Airports (

Contact Roads and Airports Staff



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