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As an Applicant -- What Do I Do?

Published on: 3/19/2015 9:11 AM


The appointing authority will provide the appropriate form(s) or information and explain the process.

Some of the important things to remember when appearing for fingerprints are:

  • Make an appointment for prompt service – use the convenient on-line appointments to secure your personal appointment. Please be prompt. If you are late you will have to reschedule or WAIT for the next available opening. Walk-in applicants at listed locations only - subject to availability.
    • Those customers requiring fingerprint CARDS, must make an appointment by phone at one of the following locations
      • Or you can walk-in at our Sheriff's Office Headquarters location at 55 W. Younger Avenue, San Jose, CA 95110. When you enter the building, go to the Records Division on the right. This location is open 24/7 for ink fingerprint cards. The fee is $20.00 per card.
      • Those customers who do not have access to the internet may make an appointment by phone at one of the following locations.
      • For convenience some employers use the  on-line appointments to make an appointment for you.
      • Missed appointments may be assessed a fee equal to the local fee charged for each applicant.
    1. Bring the authorized "Request for Live Scan Service - Applicant Submission" form or  on-line appointments printouts -- Each form requires a separate printing and appointment.  Additional fees may apply.
    2. Please make arrangements for child care prior to being fingerprinted.
    3. Valid photographic I.D. MUST be presented at time of service.
      Acceptable forms of I.D. are:
      1. Driver's License.
      2. California Identification Card.
      3. Military I.D.
      4. Passport.
      5. Out of state driver's license or identification card.
      6. Mexican Consulate Card.
    4. Fingernails
      Extremely long or curved fingernails may prevent the fingers from properly contacting the printing platen and may need trimming.
    5. Bandaged or Injured Fingers
      Applicant may need to reschedule their appointment until the injured or bandaged finger can be fingerprinted.
    6. Free parking is available.
    7. The service is provided during hours specified at the site LOCATIONS.
    8. There will be a $20.00 local fingerprint fee for each job application, unless otherwise informed by employer.  Applicants or volunteers with nonprofit organizations will be charged a $10.00 local fingerprinting fee.  The fees are subject to change without notice. Department of Justice and FBI fees may be collected by the Sheriff's Office or the appointing authority as necessary. These fees are in addition to the $20.00 printing fee.
      Acceptable forms of payment:
      1. Cash (exact amount)
      2. Check (personal or company)
    9. All prints are taken and transmitted electronically.
    Make a LiveScan Fingerprinting Appointment​​