The Process for Early Assessment and Resolution of Loss

Medical care is complex and may feel overwhelming at times. You may have questions about your medical care or even feel your care has caused more medical problems. You may wonder if it could have been prevented. This is why we created PEARL, to care for our patients when these kinds of questions or concerns arise.

What is PEARL?

PEARL is an acronym for the Process for Early Assessment and Resolution of Loss. PEARL is based on principles of open communication, transparency and integrity, PEARL helps our patients understand their care by addressing complex medical concerns in a comprehensive, compassionate, and confidential manner.

What does PEARL mean for you?

PEARL is part of our holistic approach to your health care. We know that our patient’s experiences stay with them long after their care has ended. We also know our patients expect the best medical care available, and they also expect to have a trusted and genuine relationship with their medical care team. We strive to exceed these expectations with every patient, every time.

How does PEARL work?

PEARL is designed to address significant, unanticipated, or adverse medical outcomes.

If you have questions or concerns about the outcome of your care, you can access PEARL to get a timely, thorough assessment. We work to understand the facts of your care and communicate them to you. Your questions and concerns will be addressed clearly, fairly and confidentially.

Most complications and unanticipated outcomes are not preventable. In the unusual event that the outcome of your care is determined to be preventable, steps will be taken to help your family recover and heal.

How do I determine if my concern is appropriate for PEARL?

PEARL is designed for significant, unanticipated, or adverse medical outcomes. It is important to note that not every medical outcome will require a PEARL assessment but every concern will receive a timely and thorough response.

By following the link below, you can complete a short information form which allows us to contact you about your medical concern. Our goal is to help you find the answers you need. We are here to help you.