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One of the few select clinical pediatric motion analysis labs in California, we offer patient-oriented care for children and adults with walking problems and other movement disorders.

Motion & Gait Analysis Laboratory

Founded in 1978, the Motion & Gait Analysis Laboratory is one of a few select clinical motion analysis labs in California. We work with children and adults with walking disorders and other movement problems. Our patients come from the Bay Area, the United States and around the world.

We provide advanced diagnostic evaluations of:

These evaluations include:

  • Physical exam
  • Video Analysis
  • 3-D kinematic measures of joint motion 
  • Kinetic measures of the forces that act across the joints during walking
  • Postural balance to see how much the body sways while standing still
  • Electromyographic (EMG) mesaures of muscle activity during movement
  • Energy expenditure (amount of energy used) during walking

Motion Analysis Helps Guide Treatment Decisions

Gait and upper limb analyses are essential for determining optimal treatment of children and adults with orthopedic (bones and joints) and neuromuscular (nerve and muscle) disorders, such as cerebral palsy. The Motion & Gait Analysis Laboratory provides comprehensive patient reports for orthopedists, neurologists, physiatrists, pediatricians, podiatrists, physical therapists and other specialists.
We use state-of-the-art technology to identify and assess movement problems. Motion analysis evaluations assist health care providers in making treatment decisions for medical treatments such as orthopedic surgery, physical therapy and orthotics.