Nurturing Care, Before and After Surgery

We understand that kids and their parents may come with concerns about their hospital stay. We’re here to understand your needs and theirs, and support you every step of the way. With our inclusive, family-centered approach to care, you are an important part of the team, along with our top doctors and exceptional nurses and staff.

Resources to Help You Prepare for Surgery Day

Knowing what to expect and arriving prepared help make things go smoothly for you and your child on the day of your surgery or procedure.

Preparing for Your Child's Procedure
Important Safety Instructions to Follow
Planning for Your Child’s Comfort
What to Bring to the Hospital

Ready for Your Procedure or Surgery

We know that on the day of the procedure or surgery, your child may be hungry or anxious, and you might be too. We want your child’s hospital experience to be as smooth and comfortable as possible, so please share your concerns and needs with us.

What to Bring to the Hospital
Arriving at the Hospital
Changes, Delays or Cancellation of Procedures or Surgeries
Your Child’s Comfort On Surgery Day
Meet Your Care Team

Recovering at the Hospital and at Home

Immediately after the procedure or surgery, your child will receive care in the post anesthetic care unit (PACU) or in one of our intensive care units (ICUs). Some children will go home after recovering in the PACU, while others will be admitted to an acute care unit in the hospital to continue recovering.

Whether you’re here for a few days or several months, we have many resources available for you and your child to help you feel comfortable during your stay.

After Your Procedure or Surgery
Your Child's Comfort During Recovery
Going Home