Splash Spring 2016 is April 9-10

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Welcome to Splash!

Splash is the program that brings high school and middle school students from everywhere to Stanford's campus for a two-day learning extravaganza. Classes are taught by Stanford undergraduates, graduate students, and other community members.

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Here's what people are saying about Splash:

“Splash aims to give students a learning experience unlike any that they have had in middle school or high school...Take some classes that you think would be useful to you, but throw in a few that just sound strange and interesting. You never know where you’ll learn something.” -The Smoke Signal

“A lot of them have never seen a college campus before or have never been in classes taught hands-on...Kids said they enjoyed learning for the first time, or considered for the first time going to college…we’re hoping to find more money for that kind of outreach.” -Stanford Daily
“It’s a win-win situation...The students are learning, and the teachers are rewarded, because the students that come are here because they want to be here.” -Stanford Daily
“It helped me understand how difficult but rewarding teaching is...It really teaches how participation in class is important.” -Stanford Daily
“It’s a meta-learning environment in which the Stanford students who are teaching are helping other people learn, but are also learning about teaching." -Stanford Daily
“I learned a lot of stuff I didn’t know about and I couldn’t learn outside [of Splash].” -Stanford News
"My favorite part of the experience was seeing how very similar the people involved with Stanford Splash are to the people involved with MIT Splash. Undergrads and grad students excited to teach. Kids excited to learn on a weekend. Parents a little frantic, but driving in from all over the place, dead set on their kid taking all the classes he or she wants to take." -Anna H., MIT Admissions
"I was pretty hesitant of how it would all go because I'm not a teacher, but when I realized how genuinely interested the students were and that I could answer all their questions, the experience turned out to be pretty cool." -Michael Wei, Tango Blog