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    9 Nov 2019

    I've started to use @AuthoryApp to my published across multiple publications. It's here if you want to take a look and you can to never miss one of my articles if you're a masochist.

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  3. Nov 6
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    Nov 6

    New by me : is warning millions of users to change their settings to stop accessing their messages. Kudos to and for the insight.

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    Oct 30

    New by me : is putting its profits before your privacy when it comes to . Not a good look for users. Includes insight from and and this week’s video.

  7. Oct 30

    A quick and heartfelt to everyone who included me in their lists yesterday. Apologies for not replying at the time, had to cancel Friday due to it being crap.

  8. Oct 28

    I don’t usually do the ‘post my dinner’ thing here, but was very proud of my tandoori not-chicken with vegetable korma tonight. So, please forgive me this once, I needed cheering up and getting creative in the kitchen does it for me.

    Baking tray with pieces of cooked tandoori soya protein pieces
    Metal bowl containing vegan tandoori ‘not chicken’ with vegetable korma and brown rice
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    Oct 27

    New on Finally, iOS 14.8.1 has arrived with security fixes for people who don’t want to upgrade to iOS 15. Thanks for comments.

  10. Oct 22

    Cheers twitter, may your respective weekends all be nasty surprise free.

    A can of Vocation triple red ale, next to a glass emblazoned with the Vocation name in gold and filled with, erm, triple red ale.
  11. Oct 22

    Hat tip to for going above and beyond with - an increasingly rare experience these days, so I celebrate it when it happens.

  12. Oct 22

    You know it's going to be one of those days when you see this, think "I don't remember tweeting that but it's accurate" then realise you didn't, it's that twitter thing innit, but it has actually summed up the previous 30 seconds perfectly anyway so maybe you *should* tweet it.

    Avatar of happygeek with white beard and black glasses, wearing 'rock and roll' t-shirt, next to the words: what's happening?
  13. Oct 21

    The PR emails offering ‘thought leader’ predictions on 2022 trends have already started to drop.

  14. Oct 21

    Erm, so, I was browsing books on the life and work of Pieter Bruegel, as you do, and thought I’d obviously also be interested in…

    Covers if two books recommended by Amazon: pooping animals and dog butts, both illustrated by what you’d imagine.
  15. Oct 21

    A box of these being delivered at 10.45am is the very definition of dilemma…

    The bottom of a can of ‘Abduction’ raspberry and plum stout showing the 11% alcohol content label.
  16. Oct 21

    I’m feeling those which must mean it’s time for a heroes of follow list: You’re welcome. 😃

  17. Oct 20
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  18. Oct 20
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  19. Oct 18

    Update: Ear and urinary infection. On antibiotics but might need more tests on kidney function once that’s worked. Kush is nearly 13 so we are on tenterhooks after losing Teak so recently.

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  20. Oct 18

    Sigh. Off to the vet this afternoon with Kush, our last remaining animal family member. At least he’ll be coming home with us, just an ear infection. Vet trips have been really traumatic this last few years :-(

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  21. Oct 18

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