USCIS Tip Form


This form is for reporting suspected immigration benefit fraud and abuse to USCIS.

The more details you provide, the better our USCIS officers can review your information and determine the appropriate action. Protecting the integrity of the immigration process is a priority for USCIS.

Please do not submit the same information more than once. Only submit another form if you have additional information. Also, please understand that we cannot reply to every submission or provide status updates on tips.

Do not use this form to report tips on:

  • Human smuggling, human trafficking, national security, or public safety.
    • Instead, report these tips to Immigration and Customs Enforcement through the toll-free Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Line, 866-347-2423, or use the HSI Tip Form.
    • You may also report human trafficking tips by calling the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888.
  • Suspected fraud, immigration scams, and the unauthorized practice of law related specifically to proceedings before the immigration courts, the Board of Immigration Appeals, or the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer.
    • Instead, report these tips to the Executive Office for Immigration Review’s Fraud and Abuse Prevention Program by calling 877-388-3840 or emailing
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Suspected Fraud or Abuse

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Privacy Notice

AUTHORITIES: The information requested on this form, and the associated evidence, is collected under the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sections INA §§ 287(a)(b),(f) and 235(d)(3)(4), as well as Homeland Security Delegation No. 0150 and 0150.1 paragraphs (I), (N) and (S).

PURPOSE: The primary purpose for providing the requested information on this form is to assist USCIS in investigating allegations of immigration fraud. DHS uses the information you provide to ensure the integrity of the legal immigration system and to determine eligibility for a requested benefit.

DISCLOSURE: The information you provide about yourself is voluntary. However, failure to provide your contact information may hinder USCIS’s ability to follow up with you on your tip and take further   action. Furthermore, USCIS requires you to provide certain information about the subject of the tip to verify the identity of the subject and allow USCIS to research and determine whether the tip is actionable. Failure to provide the required information will result in USCIS being unable to verify the subject’s identity and investigate the suspected fraud.

ROUTINE USES: DHS may, where allowable under relevant confidentiality provisions, share the information you provide on this form and any additional requested evidence with other Federal, state, local, and foreign government agencies and authorized organizations. DHS follows approved routine uses described in the associated published system of records notices [DHS-USCIS-001 - Alien File, Index, and National File Tracking System, DHS/USCIS-006 Fraud Detection National Security Records, and DHS/ALL-016 - Department of Homeland Security Correspondence Records] and the published

privacy impact assessment [DHS/USCIS/PIA-013-01 Fraud Detection and National Security Directorate], which you can find at DHS may also share this information, as appropriate, for law enforcement purposes or in the interest of national security.

Paperwork Reduction Act

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services is collecting this information as part of its agency mission under the Department of Homeland Security. The public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated at 10 minutes (0.166 hours) per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, gathering the required documentation and information, completing the form, preparing statements, attaching necessary documentation, and submitting the form. An agency may not conduct or sponsor an information collection, and a person is not required to respond to a collection of information, unless it displays a currently valid Office of Management and Budget (OMB) control number. Send comments regarding this burden estimate or any other aspect of this collection of information, including suggestions for reducing this burden, to: U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Regulatory Coordination Division, Office of Policy and Strategy, 20 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20529- 2140; OMB No. 1615-PRA. Do not mail your completed form G-1530 to this address.

Warning: Providing false information could lead to fines, imprisonment, or both. (Title 18, U.S.C. § 1001).