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Avoid Scams

Don’t become a victim of immigration scams! If you need legal advice on immigration matters, make sure the person helping you is authorized to give legal advice. Only an attorney or an accredited representative working for a Department of Justice (DOJ) recognized organization can give you legal advice.

Where can you go for help with your immigration questions?

When applying for immigration benefits, you may have many questions, such as:

  • Where and how do I start filing an application or petition?
  • When I apply for an immigration benefit, do I need to hire an attorney?
  • Whom can I trust to help me?

Start with Our Tools Page

Our Tools page lists many links where you can find answers and other help, including:

Check Your Case

Our Case Status webpage gives you the same information you would get by speaking to a representative, and it is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from a cell phone, tablet, or computer.

Ask Emma

In the upper right corner of our website, you’ll see a box with the message “Need Help? Ask Emma”. Click on this box and you can chat in English or Spanish, with Emma, our virtual assistant, about any immigration benefit question you may have. Emma can also help you navigate our website. 

Other Resources

Two resources that you might find especially useful are the Form Filing Tips webpage and our Outreach page, where you can find a list of our upcoming local, national, and multilingual outreach events.

Still Have Questions?

If you can’t find the answers you need after visiting our Tools page, call the USCIS Contact Center. (If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have a speech disability, please use our text telephone (TTY) number: 800-767-1833).

Tools to Help You Avoid Scammers

We give applicants, legal service providers, and community-based organizations the knowledge and tools to fight immigration scams.

Did You Get a Suspicious Email?

Forward it to the USCIS Webmaster email box.

Have You Witnessed Immigration Scams?

Report it to the Federal Trade Commission by calling 877-FTC-HELP. You can also file a complaint online and report it to your local or state authorities.

Use These Non-USCIS Resources to Learn More About Immigration Fraud

Report Fraud

Protecting the integrity of the immigration process is a priority for USCIS. One way we protect the immigration system is by making it easy for you to report immigration fraud and abuse.

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