Become an Authorized Provider

Anyone wishing to provide the public with immigration services must be authorized by the Department of Justice (DOJ)'s Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP). Visit the OLAP’s Recognition and Accreditation Program page to learn how an organization can apply for recognition and accreditation (R&A).

USCIS Role in Review

OLAP offers USCIS the opportunity to review applications for applicants' qualifications.

Each USCIS district office has a R&A team or point of contact who reviews the application.

In addition to reviewing the submitted materials, USCIS may:

  • Consult records of disciplined practitioners;
  • Conduct basic background checks and,
  • Contact colleagues of the applicant for input.

At the completion of the review, USCIS will submit its findings to the OLAP and provide a copy to the applicant.

If you have questions about USCIS' role in the review process, please contact your local USCIS district office or email

Why Become Authorized?

DOJ-recognized organizations and accredited representatives provide essential support to USCIS and the public. They provide:

  • Educational materials and
  • Legal services to help immigrants navigate the immigration system.

Accredited representatives can assist clients in preparing forms and are also allowed to attend USCIS interviews with their clients.

To become an authorized provider of immigration services, you must receive recognition and accreditation from the U.S. Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Office of Legal Access Programs (OLAP). Accredited representatives may assist noncitizens in immigration proceedings before the DOJ’s immigration courts and Board of Immigration Appeals, before the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), or both. Visit the DOJ’s Recognition and Accreditation Program page to learn how an organization can apply for recognition and accreditation for its practitioners.

The DOJ website offers the following:

When you submit your application package to the DOJ, you must also submit a copy of the package to your local USCIS district office. 

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