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"I still believe that we are one people. I still believe that together, we can do great things, even when the odds are long." —Obama #SOTU

10:01 PM - 20 Jan 2015

If you need quality, affordable health care -- or if you know someone who does -- enter your name and we'll send you more information.

Leading Abroad

"We continue to reject offensive stereotypes of Muslims—the vast majority of whom share our commitment to peace." —President Obama #SOTU

9:56 PM - 20 Jan 2015

Help protect our planet for generations to come. Add your name to join the team that's taking action:

21st Century Economy

America’s resurgence is real. Add your name to get the latest facts and news on our economy.

"We can use that money to help more families pay for child care and send their kids to college." —Obama #SOTU</p>

9:42 PM - 20 Jan 2015


POTUS Just Announced a New Precision Medicine Initiative

Precision medicine is an emerging approach to treating illnesses that takes into account a patient’s individual genetic make-up as well as molecular subtypes of diseases to improve the chances of successful treatment.

"To every CEO in America...if you want somebody who’s going to get the job done, and get it done right, #HireAVeteran." —Obama #SOTU

9:35 PM - 20 Jan 2015

Free Community College

President Obama is proposing a bold new plan to raise the quality and lower the cost of community college—to zero.

Every American deserves access to a good education. Add your name if you agree:

21st Century Families

President Obama's fighting to protect the middle class. Add your name to learn more about his plan for the economy:

What Health Care Means:

Astrid M

"I am a wife and mother to 2 young children, ages 6 & 10. I am recovering and alive because I had insurance." Read Astrid's story.

April W

"Without you and your Affordable Care Act, I would now be nearly $24,000 in debt with no way to pay for it." 
Read April's story.

"Instead, we’ve seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade, our deficits cut by two-thirds" —Obama #SOTU</p>

9:21 PM - 20 Jan 2015
Rebekah Erler
Meet Rebekah Erler

Last March, Rebekah Erler wrote the President about the increasing costs of raising a family. The President spent a day with her in Minnesota.

"Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, Members of Congress, my fellow Americans" —President Obama. Watch → #SOTU

9:10 PM - 20 Jan 2015
Your Memo to the President: Received.

We asked and you answered. The memo you wrote has been submitted, and President Obama wrote you a note in response. 

The Road to the State of the Union

The State of the Union is Tuesday

President Obama sat down to chat about Americans who have written him and preview his State of the Union.

On the Road to the State of the Union

State of the Union 2014

Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer puts out some "SOTU Spoilers" ahead of the big speech on January 20.

Because of the President's recent actions, nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants could come out of the shadows.

The Affordable Care Act Works — Just Ask Marla

Marla with President Obama

Because of the Affordable Care Act, Marla and her husband were finally able to get quality, affordable health insurance.

Read Marla's full story here.

Ways to Engage

The best place to watch President Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday is #SOTU

5:13 PM - 17 Jan 2015

Being Biden

Vice President Joe Biden recounts his experience with past State of the Union addresses.

The First Lady's Box Seats

First Lady Michelle Obama
First Lady Michelle Obama

Extraordinary Americans who exemplify the themes and ideals laid out in the President’s address attend the event as guests of the First Lady.

Americans from across the country receive a phone call inviting them to sit in the First Lady's box at the 2015 State of the Union Address.

Malik Bryant
Malik Bryant

13-year-old Malik Bryant from Chicago wrote Santa a very different request than you'd typically see from a kid. "All I ask for is for safety," he wrote. "I just wanna be safe."

Chelsey Davis
Chelsey Davis

As someone who understands the benefits of community colleges first-hand, Chelsey hopes to encourage high school graduates to take full advantage of the opportunity.

William Elder
William Elder

Bill Elder, a cystic fibrosis patient, is a testament to the promise of precision medicine.

LeDaya Epps
LeDaya Epps

After hitting a few roadblocks in her life, LeDaya couldn't find the reliable work. That all changed, however, when LeDaya completed a union apprenticeship in construction.

Rebekah Erler
Rebekah Erler

Rebekah wrote the President last March to share what her family had been through together -- detailing the rising cost of doing right for her family.

Victor Fugate

Victor, a health care worker, sees firsthand how the Affordable Care Act is helping people’s lives, including his own.

Staff Sergeant Jason Gibson

“There is life after a traumatic event and good can come of all things.”


Alan Gross
Alan and Judy Gross

"It's good to be home."  Alan Gross, unjustly imprisoned, was recently freed as a result of President Obama's announcement of the reformation of America's relationship with Cuba. 

Nicole Hernandez Hammer
Nicole Hernandez Hammer

A Guatemalan immigrant with Cuban heritage, Nicole mobilizes the Latino community to better address climate change's disproportionate effects on the health of Hispanics.

Scott Kelley

This March, Astronaut Scott Kelly will launch to the International Space Station and become the first American to live and work aboard the orbiting laboratory for a year-long mission.

Anthony Mendez

After overcoming countless obstacles, Anthony Mendez is the first member of his family to graduate from high school.

Larry Merlo
Larry Merlo

CVS Caremark President and CEO Larry Merlo announced that CVS would be the first major retail pharmacy to eliminate tobacco sales in all of its stores.

Katrice Mubiru
Katrice Mubiru

Katrice’s work with students puts a human face on the policies President Obama is fighting for.

Astrid Muhammed

Astrid Muhammed, a wife and mother of two young children, owes her life to the Affordable Care Act.

Kathy Pham
Kathy Pham

As a part of the U.S. Digital Service, Kathy's technology background unites with her passion for public service.

Catherine Pugh
Catherine Pugh

State Senator Catherine Pugh is a small business owner who fights for working families as Maryland’s Senate Majority Leader.

Carolyn Reed

Carolyn Reed opened her own line of sandwich shops, with a Small Business Administration Loan from the Recovery Act.

Dr. Pranav Shetty
Dr. Pranav Shetty

Dr. Pranav Shetty is one of the health care workers deployed to the center of the Ebola epidemic to lend a hand in the fight.

Capitain Phillip Tingirides
Captain Phillip C. Tingirides

Thanks to Captain Tingirides’ work, the Watts neighborhood of South Los Angeles has seen a 50 percent reduction in violent crime.

 Prophet Walker
Prophet Walker

Prophet Walker was serving a six-year sentence when he made a choice to turn his life around.

Tiairris Woodward
Tiairris Woodward

Tiairris was able to buy a car, rent a new apartment, and go back to school, all thanks to the resurgence of the American auto industry.

Ana Zamora

“My parents came to this country with a dream of a better future for their children.”


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