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Outside the Ring

  1. 1

    Superstars doing everyday things! - CM Punk plays Wiffle Ball - Outside the Ring - Episode #40

    by WWE 82,392 views

    Join CM Punk in Chicago as he attempts to hit a homer with a chair at "Woody's Wiffle Ball Classic" and meets some of the members of the WWE Universe at Wizard World.

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  2. 2

    SHARK ATTACK! - Superstars & Divas go shark diving - Outside the Ring - Episode #40

    by WWE 86,936 views

    While on an international tour in South Africa, Justin Gabriel takes fellow Superstars and Divas on an exciting shark cage diving trip where some of your favorite characters came face to face with great white sharks!

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  3. 3

    Natalya goes Down Under -- Outside the Ring -- Episode 39

    by WWE 65,039 views

    Natalya explores the wildlife of Australia and meets some fury new friends.

  4. 4

    The making of a SummerSlam spot - Outside the Ring - Episode 38

    by WWE 139,616 views

    Go behind the scenes of a as The Bellas hit the beach, Daniel Bryan roughs it in the woods, and Dolph Ziggler steals the show (and some prizes) as WWE Superstars and Divas get ready for the biggest event of the season -- SummerSlam!

  5. 5

    Outside the Ring - Once in a lifetime experience - Outside the Ring - Episode 37

    by WWE 96,443 views

    In the latest edition of "Outside the Ring," see how one lucky member of the WWE Universe got to have lunch with Triple H!

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  6. 6

    Outside the Ring - 12 Facts about "12 Rounds 2 Reloaded" - Episode 36

    by WWE 76,370 views

    Join Randy Orton and the cast of "12 Rounds 2 Reloaded" as they tell you 12 facts you need to know about the action thriller, available on DVD June 4. @WWEStudios

  7. 7

    Outside the Ring - Inside the WWE warehouse with Mick Foley - Episode 35

    by WWE 122,296 views

    Join recently enshrined WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley, as The Hardcore Legend tours WWE's warehouse and relives some of the most famous — and painful — moments from his legendary career.

  8. 8

    Outside the Ring - The Miz's most awesome fan! - Episode 34

    by WWE 131,805 views

    Go behind-the-scenes with The Miz as he surprises one lucky fan in this edition of "Outside the Ring." What happens when he crashes the kid's birthday party? Find out on WWE on YouTube!

  9. 9

    Dwayne Johnson On The Set Of Snitch - Outside The Ring

    by WWE 122,592 views

    How far would you go for family? In WWE Champion The Rock's latest film, he plays a father who agrees to infiltrate a drug cartel for the DEA to save his son from serving a 10-year prison sentence. Watch "Outside the Ring" for a behind-the-scenes look at "Snitch," which hits theaters Friday.


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  10. 10

    Outside the Ring - 3MB will rock your face! - Episode 32

    by WWE 91,249 views

    Go "Outside the Ring" and shop for new instruments with one of rock's greatest bands, 3MB! What happens when the band gets ready for their concert and discovers Drew McIntyre is missing?! Find out on WWE on YouTube!


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  11. 11

    Outside the Ring - Sheamus and Rey Mysterio clash - Episode 31

    by WWE 373,268 views

    What happens when Rey Mysterio and Sheamus go head-to-head? Find out whose Power Slammer is victorious in this plastic warrior-filled edition of "Outside the Ring," exclusively on WWE on YouTube.


  12. 12

    Outside the Ring - Damien Sandow's Apprentice Search - Episode 30

    by WWE 82,449 views

    In the latest edition of "Outside the Ring," Damien Sandow scours the country for an apprentice. Watch as he weeds through the ignoramuses for someone to assist him in enlightening the unwashed masses.


  13. 13

    Outside the Ring - Cesaro's guide to the U.S. - Episode 29

    by WWE 76,487 views

    Spend the day with United States Champion Antonio Cesaro as he contests what makes an American city one of the best places to live. Watch this edition of "Outside the Ring" now, only on WWE on YouTube!

  14. 14

    Outside the Ring - The Miz and Eve build AWESOME snowmen - Episode 28

    by WWE 84,648 views

    Bundle up and build a snowman with The Miz and Divas Champion Eve in this winter edition of "Outside the Ring." Watch all the fun and excitement unfold only on WWE on YouTube!


  15. 15

    Outside the Ring - 'Daytime' with Kofi Kingston - Episode 27

    by WWE 65,758 views

    Will Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston be the next Regis? Go "Outside the Ring" with the high-flying Superstar as he co-hosts the entertainment and lifetime show, "Daytime." Watch this webisode and more, exclusively on WWE on YouTube!


  16. 16

    Outside the Ring - The 'Bad' Maddox Experience - Episode 26

    by WWE 99,935 views

    Just how determined is Brad Maddox to get that coveted WWE contract? Get inside his head in this edition of "Outside the Ring," and watch how he tries to make his WWE dreams come true ... again!

  17. 17

    Behind the Scenes with John Cena - "Outside the Ring" - Episode 25

    by WWE 524,882 views

    Go behind the scenes with John Cena, Kofi Kingston many of your other favorite WWE Superstars and see what it takes to create many of the TV spots you see!


  18. 18

    Outside the Ring - The Brad Maddox experience - Episode 24

    by WWE 187,310 views

    In this edition of "Outside the Ring," walk the "green mile" with Brad Maddox and see how the rogue ref prepared for his $1 million WWE contract match with Ryback. Get inside Maddox's head as his dream to compete in a WWE ring came true against an unstoppable juggernaut, only on WWE on YouTube.


  19. 19

    Outside the Ring - Punk leads the "W '13" revolution - Episode 23

    by WWE 145,894 views

    WWE Champion CM Punk takes the WWE Universe behind the scenes of the "W '13" television commercial.


  20. 20

    Outside the Ring - Does Dolph Ziggler really have game? - Episode 22

    by WWE 145,897 views

    Dolph Ziggler tries his hand at the dating game with a marathon dating session with five eligible bachelorettes? Did The Showoff soar or find his foot in his mouth?


  21. 21

    Outside the Ring - Cooker T - Episode 21

    by WWE 267,608 views

    Check out what SmackDown General Manager Booker T is cooking for the WWE Universe.


  22. 22

    Outside the Ring - Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy rock out in Chicago - Episode 20

    by WWE 134,646 views

    In this edition of "Outside the Ring," Chris Jericho takes the WWE Universe on tour with his band Fozzy. Check out The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla's palace on wheels and watch the band rock out on stage in Chicago.




  23. 23

    Outside the Ring - R-Truth takes Little Jimmy out for his birthday - Episode 19

    by WWE 247,187 views

    In this edition of "Outside the Ring," R-Truth takes Little Jimmy to Austin's Park for his birthday. Watch them play skeeball, race around a Speedway GoKart Track and even climb a rock wall together.




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  24. 24

    Outside the Ring - SummerSlam: Through the eyes of the Superstars - Episode 18

    by WWE 90,264 views

    In the latest edition of "Outside the Ring," Brodus Clay and Layla take the WWE Universe behind the scenes of this year's SummerSlam. Play "WWE '13" with The Funkasaurus and Mike Tyson at an exclusive THQ event. Then, head to the party to end all parties with the Divas Champion.

  25. 25

    Outside the Ring - UF with The Prime Time Players - Episode 17

    by WWE 134,305 views

    Darren Young gets a dose of the Gator Nation as he joins Titus O'Neil on a tour of his alma mater, the University of Florida. Spend the day with The Prime Time Players and hear what they used to do before they made "millions of dollars."




  26. 26

    Outside the Ring - Mick Foley's Stand-up Comedy - Episode 16

    by WWE 115,894 views

    Mick Foley entertains the WWE Universe "Outside the Ring" with his comedy act.



  27. 27

    Outside the Ring - Damien Sandow meets ignoramuses at Comic-Con - Episode 15

    by WWE 223,895 views

    This week on "Outside the Ring," Damien Sandow visits San Diego Comic-Con International to meet the many ignoramuses in attendance. Subscribe to WWE on YouTube to see Damien Sandow try and save anyone who crosses his path.

  28. 28

    Outside the Ring - Superstars and Divas take over Comic-Con - Episode 14

    by WWE 356,643 views

    This week on "Outside the Ring," several Superstars and Divas give the WWE Universe an inside look on how they spent their time at San Diego's Comic-Con International. Subscribe to WWE on YouTube to see Alicia Fox meet some of Hollywood's biggest stars and more!


  29. 29

    Outside the Ring - Behind-the-Scenes of Raw 1,000 Commercial - Episode 13

    by WWE 630,436 views

    What's the best way to tell the world to tune in to Raw's historic 1,000th episode at 8/7 CT on Monday, July 23 on USA Network? Watch an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look as WWE Superstars and personnel converge "Outside the Ring" to get the message across. #WWEOTR


  30. 30

    Outside the Ring - Booker Tees Off - Episode 12

    by WWE 91,040 views

    Booker-T tees off at the Travelers Celebrity Pro-Am golf tournament where he shares a song with his golf partner, Michael Bolton.


  31. 31

    Outside the Ring - Get a tat with Rosa - Episode 11

    by WWE 229,548 views

    In the latest edition of "Outside the Ring," Rosa Mendes takes the WWE Universe with her to get another tattoo. Subscribe to WWE on YouTube now to see the design Rosa says symbolizes the "beauty, happiness, freedom and success" in her life!





  32. 32

    Outside the Ring - DiBiase: Good Will and Hunting - Episode 10

    by WWE 123,053 views

    Ted DiBiase takes the WWE Universe hunting "Mississippi style," meets with the Army National Guard, and parties with the DiBiase Posse. Subscribe now and watch how the Superstar spends his time "Outside the Ring," only on WWE on YouTube!






  33. 33

    Outside the Ring - Derrick Bateman likes to 'move it, move it' - Episode 9

    by WWE 100,522 views

    Go on an epic journey with Derrick Bateman as he takes part in a party for the mind, soul, and body in a ZUMBA class. Bateman takes his newly found ZUMBA talents backstage at WWE where he teaches Kaitlyn and other Superstars some new moves. #WWEOTR
    Let Derrick know what you think of his moves on Twitter @DerrickWWE

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  34. 34

    Outside the Ring - Mark Henry Visits the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum - Episode 8

    by WWE 173,118 views

    WWE Superstar Mark Henry visits the childhood home turned museum of Arnold Schwarzenegger in Thal, Austria.



  35. 35

    Outside the Ring - The Celtic Warrior Lives for Liverpool - Episode 7

    by WWE 271,985 views

    In the latest edition of "Outside the Ring," WWE Superstar Sheamus visits the home of his favorite soccer club, Liverpool. Subscribe and watch as The Great White as he spends the day soaking in Liverpool's illustrious history at Anfield Stadium.




  36. 36

    Outside the Ring - Catch some waves with The Bella Twins - Episode 6

    by WWE 213,132 views

    The Bella Twins go to the Wave House in San Diego, California to hang ten at the Wave House in San Diego California. #WWEOTR @thebellatwins @ @WaveHouse_SD

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  37. 37

    Outside the Ring - Alicia Fox - Episode 5

    by WWE 181,890 views

    WWE Diva Alicia Fox returns to her hometown of Jacksonville Beach, Florida and shows the WWE Universe where she used to live and work as a teenager.

  38. 38

    Outside the Ring - The Miz's Awesome Life - Episode 4

    by WWE 195,511 views

    Get pampered, primped and polished with WWE's The Miz in this week's edition of "Outside the Ring".

  39. 39

    Outside the Ring - Hit the mat and grab a vegan cupcake with Daniel Bryan - Episode 3

    by WWE 471,206 views

    @WWEDanielBryan takes the WWE Universe to the mat and to his favorite vegan sweet spot in Las Vegas on his day off. #WWEOTR

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  40. 40

    WWE Champion Randy Orton in an abandoned warehouse? - Outside the Ring Episode 2

    by WWE 1,388,024 views

    Find out why Randy Orton spent his day in an abandoned warehouse and how he felt about the creepy crawlers there with him #WWEOTR

    What else do your favorite WWE Superstars and Divas do outside of the ring? Find out by subscribing here - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=wwefanna­tion

  41. 41

    Outside the Ring - The Usos cook a Samoan meal - Episode 1

    by WWE 507,933 views

    Outside of the Ring the Usos celebrate their Samoan heritage by sharing a traditional Samoan dish with the WWE Universe @WWEUSOS

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