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    Miss the original PvP of pranking each other. Now it's just public pranks and YT Red. channels on youtube are going downhill nowadays, huh :/
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    ironway 69
    no one cares
    I wouldn't say that
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    The Great Oblivion
    We want you pranking each other , not others.
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    Alex Ruiz
    they broke up
    Matthew Saab
    true they changed a lot, plus I want to see them doing pranks on each other and for jesse to actually use his downrangedgaming channel too.
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    Miss u guys "jenna & jesse"
    ggguuu bbbaaa
    +RUSH WHQ (RUSHWHQ) They broke up now.. Cries in corner
    greedy bastards, nothing else to describe you, simply greedy bastards.
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    +momyluvsu2 Absolutely. I'm unsure as to what PrankVsPrank has done to abuse it though. if you mean the youtube red thing, thats just a good business stratergy.
    true dat, but you can also abuse it.
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    so no more free 5 min vids of the pranks? Stop with this youtube red.
    olivia gilpin
    they will be up now. he didn't make them for the last few because they were not great pranks. there will be free clips for the rest of them though.
    reply and thumbs up if you miss original prank vs prank ;(
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    Matthew Saab
    rip pvp #the olden days
    Jack Ingoff
    rip pvp 2009-2016 you will be missed bih prank acedemy
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    this channel was so close to getting the diamond play button but they decided to split
    chuck Suter
    i can't believe jesse changed the thumbnail to himself. does that mean that jeana doesn't have a part in this channel anymore
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    Corey Castillo
    +Don't mind me. Probably, but he's been posting here and she's been posting there.
    Don't mind me.
    No they still share BFvsGF
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    El Tío John
    go fuck yourself if you are thinking that i will pay for this
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    Right? This is YouTube people!
    +American Rage Gamer ok sure, subbed
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    daisy murfdog
    where r the free vids like really what happpened to this channel
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    olivia gilpin
    no problem
    daisy murfdog
    k thanks
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    Sea Witch in Seattle
    Wow, Scrolling down these comments full of unnecessary hatefulness really shines a light on how much shit they were taking constantly. Hope you guys are healing!
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    Mr Cuddlesworth
    But we shouldn't have to. Its not even a good series (prank academy), and is not worth paying 10 a month. I can get the best it has to offer using Spotify, and adblock.
    Milo Miller (sharknaut3000)
    Because they're quality has gone so much and people are reminiscing about when they pranked each other. Go back and look at they're older vids and you will understand. also, this was not meant to be hate. i feel like i have to add this to way to many comments....
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    Wish we could go back time, to the good old days, when PvP wasn't YouTube Red
    Patrick Fincham
    Who the fuck pays to watch 2 minute clips. what a joke. SELL OUTS.
    Don't mind me.
    The actual videos are over 10minutes long.. the 2minute ones are the free ones they let us watch.
    Eric Cartman
    They sold their channel. :(
    You charging for people to watch some videos now?!!!! GO FUCK YOURSELF
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    +Alex Lee my point exactly. bet your parents are so proud =D
    Alex Lee
    +NerdTurd are... are you retarded?
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    RIP Jesse & Jeanna BFvsGF ----> EXvsEX
    Ottavio Music
    Yep they broke up but on Jesse Twitter it said he has a 14 year old daughter
    MeowMeow RUFF
    Youtube red has really changed you guys. I don't like it. :/ Sorry PvP, Unsubbed. :l
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    Jack Ingoff
    kayla are you 8 years old? you have some lps channels in your subscriptons. dont cuss or your mom will find out and youll be in deep shit.
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    Michelle Belle
    Honestly, I don't want to pay for Youtube Red. Please go back to the old PrankvsPrank.
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    ik but I'm saying that there will be no more the old prank vs prank
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    Matthew Ring
    Jesse, hold this L while I get you another one.
    Madalyn Benne
    i just realized that he changed the profile picture to just him wtf
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