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Rubin Report

Welcome to The Rubin Report!

9,874 views 2 months ago
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The Rubin Report is a comedy and current events panel show hosted by Dave Rubin. Comedians, celebrities and media personalities join Dave to talk about hot topics and current events from news, politics, pop culture and much more.

New videos 5 days a week!

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Trending on The Rubin Report Play

This is what's trending on The Rubin Report, hosted by Dave Rubin.

The Rubin Report: Full Episodes Play

The Rubin Report releases every story we cover as an individual video so you can easily watch and share what interests you. But we know many of you love to watch the episode's in their entirety - so here it is! Full episodes of The Rubin Report in one amazing playlist. Click play!

Kicking Back with Ana and Dave Play

Kicking Back is a new weekly series featuring The Young Turks very own Ana Kasparian and Dave Rubin. Get to know the hosts better as they sit back and open up about anything and everything, outside of the studio! Catch 6 videos a week - 3 here on Dave's channel and 3 over on Ana's channel.

Thumbnail TYT140: A Lot Of News In A Little Time Play

Hosted by Dave Rubin (http://www.youtube.com/rubinreport) and carrying the tag line of "A lot of news in a little time," TYT140 will feature a new clip every Tuesday through Friday that takes no more than 140 seconds to detail the biggest news stories of the day. Politics, world events, hot topics, sports, celebrities, weird news - we'll cover it all, but without wasting a single precious second out of your hectic life.

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