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Let's Play New Super Mario Bros. U - #1. Flight of the Squirrel Plumber

10,107 views 2 months ago
Hello everybody, SlimKirby here and welcome to my new Let's Play, a playthrough of the newest installment of the New Super Mario Bros. series (on console, not counting the Luigi expansion). That's right, this time I will be firing up my Nintendo Wii U to explore the newest adventure and sharing the experience with you guys! =)

We start off our adventure in pretty much the same fashion as always....the princess is targeted by Bowser and Mario must make his way through all the worlds before him to rescue the fair maiden and restore peace to the Mushroom Kingdom (with 3 other players, if interested). It is more of the same, but the same has always been pretty damn good to us! =P

In this part, we get refreshed with the controls and mechanics and learn a few new ones, including a power-up that makes Mario, quite literally, more squirrely than ever! =P


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[VS] Let's Dick Around On... Play

A menagerie of multiple miscellaneous misadventures with a collection of my closest compatriots whenever I can manage the minutes to get the games in.

Standard Setup: DamnitTK, FiyahKitteh, SlimKirby, +1

[LP] The Simpsons Hit and Run Play

This is my replay of The Simpsons Hit and Run. I did a walkthrough version of this project back in 2007 with bad video quality and no commentary. Now I'm returning to Springfield once again to give this game the modern SlimKirby spin.

This is a 100% playthrough of the game with some exceptions. Look at the video description for the 1st video to examine these exceptions.

This project is completed!
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