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EPIC March Rap Up

3,433 views 1 month ago
There is no better way to recap March 2014 then with a RAP! Ukraine, Malaysia flight #MH370, Obamacare, Selfies, St. Patricks Day, Kissing Strangers, Cosmos, Purim, March Madness and Jared Leto's hair.

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Crimea river,
it's a country that shivers.
Russia's takin over with some tanks they delivered.
That former UkRaine sliver
Well they held an election
Was it really free,, the g-8 had some questions
Or should i say G-7, they done KICKED em on out.
Putin acting all like whatchu bitching about

Malaysia goin crazy maybe searching endlessly
Texting offering 5k?

Scared, no I'll never be.
--Sippin on my shamrock shake.
Needsomnta calm me down from the last couple earthquakes
Cosmos, yea it's [so] great,
Got science up my ass.
knowledge man it's sexy just like Degrasse's staaaaache
Bada bing big bang was what the scientists saaaaaang.
Universe it blew up and some evidence remaaaaaaained!

It's a rap up
Rappin up March
Yea, it's a rap up
But that's just the start

Rollin out red carpets, yea the Oscars were heeerrrrrrrrr
Ellen took a selfie, look at Jared Leto's heeerrrrrrrr
Dicapprio won't ever win the academy ain't fair.
Oh it's March 31st, hope you got obamacare

Never mind, let's sit and stare, cheer on some team.
64 to 32
32 to sweet 16
16 to elite eight
damn my bracket ain't doin great
Final four there's no debate
did so bad i wanna murder
gonna beat down the blue devils so that you can call me mercer.

Kiss strangers with a fervor
Views killin youtube's server
Goddamn I need a burger
Still hung over from St Pats
Poured em up on Purim, manischewitz i had
With no more Breaking Bad I guess I'll catch up on Bones
Eating frozen thin mints while I wait for Game of Thrones

it's a rap up, rap up
This rap up it owns.
It's a rap up
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Shot and Edited by Justin Forcier
Track produced by: Chozinn
Writing credits: Jason Pickar, Justin Forcier, Liz Forcier, Megan Halpern, & Jackie (of course)!
Banner Graphics by Tim Collins Show less
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