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GTA 5: The Amazing Adventures of Lemon-Man! - (GTA V Funny Moments)

3,218,514 views 5 months ago
Let's go for 100,000 LIKES! :D

The long awaited, Lemon-Man! This is by far the biggest video I've uploaded to this channel in terms of length, effort, editing, planning, all aspects. I'd say it was worth it, very happy with how it came out, hope you guys enjoy it and I hope it's worth the wait!

• The Story:
Michael and Franklin team up to fight crime and save lives in San Andreas after Lemon-Man receives supernatural powers from an unknown source. Watch them journey throughout different scenarios and crimes to reach their goal in eradicating all crime from San Andreas and returning it back to the way it used to be.

• Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheGami...
• Facebook Page: http://tinyurl.com/62fvlhj
• Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/TheGam...

Music Used:
• "Plaint" - Kevin MacLeod - http://bit.ly/15usbfK
• "Ranz des Vaches" - Kevin MacLeod - http://bit.ly/19fC1l5
• "Heaven's Gate" - Olive Musique - http://bit.ly/18uxBEo
• "Long Road Ahead B" - Kevin MacLeod - http://bit.ly/YgtZk4
• "Valor" - Peter McIsaac - http://bit.ly/1ddILQM
• "Huge Action Trailer" - Richard Canavan - http://bit.ly/1gQ92qV
• "Epic Movie Trailer" - Roberto Ignis - http://bit.ly/18N96YE
• "Let There Be Light" - Instrumental Core - http://bit.ly/1aui39x
• "Superhero Hollywood Trailer" - Peter McIsaac - http://bit.ly/1dZ2hFi
• "REFS feat. Green Skeem" - The Specktators - http://bit.ly/1iN5dqX
• "Colossus Rising" - Chris Haigh - http://bit.ly/1dQuEVY
• "Dark Horizons" - Richard Canavan - http://bit.ly/1btHuqf
• "Wounded" - Kevin MacLeod
• "Hopeful Findings" - Alex Khaskins - http://bit.ly/1cupax8
• "Honor Of Life" - Instrumental Core - http://bit.ly/10XaHWS
• "Battlefield" - Instrumental Core - http://bit.ly/1cjetdf
• "Healing Waters" - Olive Musique - http://bit.ly/1cjextu Show less
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