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Grief Seed - Madoka Bad Apple (Bad Apple audio)

275,299 views 6 months ago
Woo, it's done. Animation-wise at least.

I don't follow Touhou, but Bad Apple to this date is one of my favorite songs and music videos. I've seen a lot of ideas bounced around about incorporating themes from it into other shows, so I took the initiative and made this for Madoka Magica. Hope you find the parallels between the two cool!

Note: There's an audio cover coming that's specific to Madoka Magica, but that's taking a lot longer than expected, so I figured I'd post this now.

Done in MMD, Blender, and After Effects.

Madoka Magica is owned by Shaft, Inc.
Bad Apple was arranged by Masayoshi Minoshima. Lyrics by Haruka. Vocals by nomico

Note on models: All the models I got second-hand were either from DA or modeled myself I used a metric ton of models to make this, too many to include in a single credits list. As such I'm compiling a text file that provides proper attribution. If I used something by you, PLEASE message me so I can add you to the credits! Show less
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