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Bloop Animation

Welcome to Bloop Animation!

6,478 views 3 months ago
Bloop Animation is an animation learning channel offering video tutorials for aspiring animators and visual artists.

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Making an Animated Movie Play

In this tutorial series I'm gonna document the process of making an animated short film while actually making it. I'll post videos on each of the steps including script writing, storyboarding, animatics, modeling, rigging, animating, lighting, rendering, compositing, editing, sound design and more.

Tutorials Play

Our Video tutorials

3D Animation Basics Play

In this series I'll cover the basic principles of 3D animation.
  • The Maya Time Slider

    In this tutorial I'll go over the time slider in Maya. I'll cover the playback controls, creating and manipulating keyframes and important keyboard shortcuts.
  • Settings and Workspace for Animation (in Maya)

    In this video I'll go over the proper settings you should set before starting to animate. I'll also show my recommended workspace setup.
  • The Maya Graph Editor

    In this tutorial I'll go over the Maya graph editor, creating and manipulating keyframes within the graph editor itself, and quick tips for faster animation workflow when working with animation cur...

Animation Play

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