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    Carmen Diaz
    Buzzfeed should come out with a "psychic takes a lie detector test."
    Frida Morales
    I need more unsolved mysteries, please!!!!
    Ham Sogan
    hurry up with unsolved mysteries! or at least tell us how often it will come out.
    Sara C
    i think they come out twice a month but like i need some more because they are so good to watch in history class, like damnnnn.
    So is the 2 weeks w/o an unsolved video mean there will be no more??
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    OMGTV Vlogs
    now 2 months have passed lets talk about clowns
    Sydney Safford
    but..i need more
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    Lord Pistachio Drugstore Cowboy
    guys can you solve the mystery of nine unknown men
    Hannah Sun
    still waiting for a new episode of unsolved mysteries...
    Guys, where's the new season of Unsolved?
    bring back UNSOLVE MYSTERYS plz and ty
    Danni Malcolm
    The Buzzfeed Unsolved that Ryan does is my absolute favorite series on all of Buzzfeed. Keep em comin guys! <3
    gyovannah guimaraes
    unsolved mysteries please!!!!
    Jessica Ellert
    More unsolved please!!
    so hows it like to be run into the ground by regressive's ? by the looks of the vids here you seem rather content to make a fool of yourselvs for veiws well gotta make ends meat by you chould have at least picked better company i heard that the anti sjws are rather accapting and happy to let you join them if you put up a cupple vids like top ten things normal people want to know from femnists or top ten things normal people have for regressive's
    Claire Bourg
    still waiting on unsolved mysterious :(
    Julianna Marie Concia
    they should do a unsolved mysteries on Jack the Ripper and actually send them to the UK and where all the murders happened.
    Jillly Nette
    Please do more buzzfeed unsolved! they are awesome!!!
    You should do the lars mittank case
    please do people try "Bakbouka".
    Massimo Mason
    Please make a 'People scared of roller coasters ride roller coasters' video!
    Jacob Haurum
    Can you do an unsolved with Jack The Ripper?
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