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Please Use This Song (Jon Lajoie)

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Written by Jon Lajoie
Produced and mixed by Joe Corcoran (www.joecorcoranmusic.com)
Recorded by Joe Corcoran and Jon Lajoie
Back up vocals by Lea Endres, Jenny Ewing, and Joe Corcoran.
Mastered by Hans DeKline

Written, Directed, Produced and Edited by Jon Lajoie
Co-Directed and Produced by Brandon Dermer
Produced by Melissa Marin & Gabriel Younes (gabrielyounes.com)
Director of Photography: George Nienhuis
First AD: Seth Farley
Production Designer: Elise Hannaford
Wardrobe: Catherine Elhoffer
Make-up Artist: Alicia Siller
Additional Hair/Make-up: Victoria Boothroyd
Camera Operator: Wojiech Kielar
First AC: Andrew Harris
Gaffer: Kyle Fallon
Second AD: Kurt Gnagey
Art Director: Matilda Paulin
Logo Designer: Abbey Aichinger
Production Coordinator: John Schrad
Graphic Design and Titles: Brandon Smith & Margo Murphy (margo-murphy.com)
DIT: Andrew Wilsak
Colored by: Greg Reese (The Mill)
Production Assistants: Shane Lincoln, Alex Olivier, Alexander Dunn, and David Mull

Band Members: Joseph Corcoran, Nicholas Spiller, Joe Ristaino
Fast Food Ad: Chris Stephens
Insurance Ad: Alisha Ketry
Medication Ad: Jonathan Pessin
Credit Card Ad: John Gray
Skater: David Mull
Office Supplies Ad: Joshua Crenshaw
Hair Dye Ad: Mia Mastrioanni
Dating Site: Michael Healy and Kara Connolly
Suicide Prevention Ad: David Phillips
Chainsaw Yoga: Leah Kilpatrick
TV Ad Couple: Roy Allen and Vera R. Taylor
Hilarious Alcoholics: Nick Ross, George Basil, and Nate Smith
Politician: Max Thayer
Soldier: Manuel Velazquez

Interesting articles on the subject:
"How Selling out Saved Indie Rock" by Jessica Harper
"Advertising Killed The Radio Star: How Pop Music and TV Ads Became Inseperable" by Josh Sanburn

Please use this song in your commercial
I need the money, so please use this to sell something
Please use this song in your commercial

A fast food franchise, office supplies,
A brand new hair dye, a dating website,
A suicide hotline, a new way to exercise,
A preview for a movie that is coming out in July,
A political campaign, a new video game,
A medication that you didn't know you should be taking
Any product any service this is the right song,
Your target audience will be singing and dancing along

Please use this song in your commercial
I need the exposure, my house is in foreclosure
So please use this song in your commercial

Oh to have a song in a national campaign
Millions would hear my song and they would say
"Have you seen that commercial?
You know the one about that thing?
The song playing in the background is really great!"

A credit card company, join the military,
A new way to make yourself less hairy,
Life insurance, medical insurance,
Cat insurance, insurance insurance,
Financial institution, the one that took my house,
If you use this song maybe we can work something out
Any product any service this is the right song,
Your target audience will be singing and dancing along

Please use this song in your commercial
The music industry's dying, but consumerism is thriving
So please use this song in your commercial Show less
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